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Born in 1952 educated at Downside and Manchester University, Richard M. Lamb had earlier careers as a barrister and family lawyer.

Unlike so many of us, retirement is not an opportunity to take things easy. Retirement has been the culmination of a lifetime as a practising Catholic. Much of his writing, newly published, reflects his deep faith. It also demonstrates a respect for his late father, Richard A. Lamb, who was able, in his faith, to indulge in his love of writing about matters historical.

Richard Michael Lamb

R.M. Lamb

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  • Sir Richard Sykes – Our Ambassador so noble

  • This Damien laid himself upon the Altar for his fellow men and the Church of God

  • The moral law’s imperative for Hanging for Murder to return to our jurisdiction

  • The Finality of the present Death Penalty Debate in England & Wales

  • Senior Officer- Analysis of Sunday

  • The Transition from the current Lifer regime for murderers convicted to R.M Lambs's propsed discretionary Death Sentence regime for murder and related crimes

  • A letter from RM. Lamb in response to the Ministry of Justice

  • Holy Mass

  • Why is the fight for the Death Penalty Ferocious?

  • The supreme analogy for R. M. Lamb in his death penalty case

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