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The moral law’s imperative for Hanging for Murder to return to our jurisdiction

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The moral law’s imperative for Hanging for Murder to return to our jurisdiction


My case is prepared in good time like the wise virgins. The time will come for this Death Penalty case in England and Wales I verily believe. I am ready for that moment as are many of our peoples to greet it. Those who scoff at my death sentence case will not prevail and they are not ready for the Bridegroom when he comes unannounced. They are unwise virgins. This gospel warns us against being virgins unprepared for this death sentence case coming is the kernel.


Who has led me to be a wise virgin? Mine own uncle: Monsignor J.C. Lamb who was a lifelong virgin in body. Ordained 20/12/1947: St John Lateran by Pius X11: Eugenio Pacell: the last Vicar of Christ and Bishop of Rome who was of true Roman stock. My uncle, a wise virgin. I have learned the austere “virginity” of Capital Punishment so moral by its finality and irreversibility. I am no hypocritical moralist nor philanderer of political thought nor thinker on hanging who “plays around “with this Death Penalty nor by self-enjoyment and my own satisfaction with self- aggrandisement. My writings have led me to the brink of being engulfed by a very damaging force to myself on mental health/medical wards, not to mention severe marital breakdown and division from my sons and friends. My power to express myself in writing and disseminate was very nearly curtailed in 2013 at an early stage in my essay writing. I could have lost my very valuable properties and monies in 2013 and then still in 2014 by judicial intervention in my affairs. All this because of my writings since 1st June 2013. Why put all of this at risk? There has to be a raison d’etre. The answer is Christ: the bridegroom.


My goal is the Son of God: the only way to the Father. That is why I have been so attentive to the Trinity and Self-sacrificing to Christ’s coming: the day the hour we know not! I gave up a lot of materialism to make myself “a virgin” What do I mean?


I divested myself of real estate so diverse and my monies to achieve this non-materialistic state of “virginity”: (ie to become pure and “virginal”) by reducing my wealth substantially in these disposals and selflessly dispersing: these resulting proceeds upon my professional/business enterprises in their demand to Richard. I have also applied certain proceeds of my property dispositions upon my spouse and children: adult. Please note I have preserved 568 acres on Temon Estate Cumbria intact (unencumbered) including Temon holding for myself alone. I have conserved for Angela no’s 1-3 Wilkinson Street, London SW8 clear of creditors. Save Barclays mortgages (£108,000 remaining on one legal charge presently due) - and our/holiday home in Cumbria Angela’s/ all Angela’s three homes: now Angela alone. The holiday home is unencumbered with steading: Angela’s. I am thus no spend thrift: that is not “virginal” most clearly.


Conclusion the Monsignor was a great exponent of priestly celibacy and by that abstinence his example shone through to Richard, his oldest nephew. I have known this Monsignor’s influence all my life. The wise virgin in this Monsignor has taught the “virgin” in me to step up to my Senior Officer rank in Christs Armee, previously held by the Monsignor’ himself(1927-1964) when he died age 55yrs. I have “stepped up” on 13th Sept 2012 as I have written. That is my advocacy proclaimed in my website essays and later papers. Such is Richard’s audacious case to which I adhere to this day and from which I will never resile. That is the “virgin” who never goes to sleep or falls short of oil in Richard.


a) Yes I await the Bridegroom and the coming of the Death Sentence case once more to England and Wales. Who is the greater virgin: myself or the Monsignor? We are equal before the Bridegroom. My uncle waits for my moral case to prevail on earth for Capital Punishment, but he waits in heaven and with heaven. This omniscient heaven will always wait for this Bridegroom (Christ) to deliver the restoration of hanging for murder and related crimes. My uncle is not partisan, but moral and Catholic to the core. That is his RC priesthood, celibacy and virginity. My own “fired up” case by this Monsignor’s deeply held belief in the law of God/ the natural law which upholds the Death Sentence regime. I seek to bring back. I am truly a wise “virgin” with my uncle this Monsignor. (he “lends” me his virginal essence and soul)


Let heaven and earth unite to wait for this Bridegroom like the wise Biblical virgins. I have the sense to understand Christ will deliver on restoration of the Death Sentence. That is Richard the wise virgin at work. As I have waited and prayed all my life long so has this monsignor in heaven prayed since 1964. My progress and his are answered now by my patient understanding and assurance this Death Penalty will return to England and Wales. This is down to the Monsignor, particularly since 7/5/2012, who has taught me long suffering for over five years. Christ now rewards me with the forthcoming fulfilment of my declared aim: the bringing back of Capital Punishment trials in England and Wales and the imposition of the Death Sentence, with appeals, then such judicial executions carried out quickly.


Final word Without the Monsignor’s expressed adoption of my own Death Penalty case since 1st June 2013 I would have failed abysmally. He in heaven and I on earth, have “worked” on this Capital Punishment case together. He has introduced the morality of the law of God to me as I write. I have however had the direction to think it all through and I seriously and intentionally wrote it down to disseminate in the period: 4.5 yrs 1st June 2013 to 31st October 2017. I act under Christ the King as this Monsignor does- he in holy orders when alive- I a mere layman Rtd RC. (Since 2013 May) lawyer. His priesthood is eternal and my soul also does not die. The Temon estate Cumbria, bequeathed by this Monsignor to me in 1964, has been the source of my Death Sentence case and all my writings.

Remembrance Sunday, 12/11/2017
R.M Lamb