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What debts we owe to our Fathers when on earth and now God Almighty: the Supreme Father

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


What debts we owe to our Fathers when on earth and now God Almighty: the Supreme Father

R.M Lamb’s 19/11/2017 paper: The parable of talents:

What have I done with my life?


Medicine: A mere patient of Dr Henry Oakeley(cons. Psychiatrist) in 1980’s and 1990’s and several such consultants since then. (ie: since 1995) to the present and continuing. I bow to those doctors.


Academia: A graduate and called to the bar but I have never held an academic position: research nor in a teaching role nor will I ever. I have never been drawn in to teaching for schools in London, or anywhere else.


Military Service: apart from the combined cadet force in 1960’s at Downside school I have done no military service. The Inns of Court and city yeomanry and I decided I was not suited to join up in 1970’s in to the Territorial Army in the unit in London.


The Roman Catholic Church: at most an English layman moralist at least a churchgoer practising and loyal to Catholicism. My moralist papers published are unmentionable in reality in English life: public and amongst Catholics.


Politics: I am a political nonentity as in truth the Hon. Jo Johnson MP (Orpington) Cons/Said in his letter to me in 2013 regarding my nuclear deterrent (British) paper of July 2013 I will never hold political office: that is certain. This Jo Johnson MP maintained strong opposition to my Capital Punishment case later as enunciated by R.M. Lamb in 2013 in kindle essays.


The Legal Profession: admittedly I have done good service as a bar student and barrister (1973-83) and a solicitor’s clerk (1983) and lastly a solicitor of England and Wales from January 1984 to May 25th 2013 admitted (and in general (London) practise, 29 years approximately) But I have been no leading counsel nor a Judicial office holder, whatsoever, as a solicitor nor counsel.


Where is the R.M Lamb talent achieved, and promise in years to come? You could say a Law career to look back on- not without merit. But the truest R.M. Lamb talents in biblical sense lie in my shortened essays post- 1st June 2013, my website (Nov 2015) as it stands and the great coming accolade of my Death Sentence Case for our land so momentous by this restoration in England! I don’t mince my words. I believe in my case!


Where does all this come from? Undoubtedly from God the father acting by my own father major R.A.Lamb (RIP) in his literary legal to R.M.Lamb his oldest son. R.A.Lamb Esq made this legacy in his Sept 1998 will and he died on 28th November 1999in Wiltshire. My father lives on as my father in heaven/monsignor James Cronin to R.M.Lamb esq in 2000 Southwark R.C Cathedral of St George’s/Confirmed this to me in my confession in principle. This literacy legacy has enabled me to write out this “case”. It has been the talent/talents I have been given by my father and thus from god the Father Supremely.


How does all this relate to Richard’s “Senior Officer” de la plus haute classe coupled to my Death Sentence Case? This “officer” not recognised by the world and the position is invisible and intangible. Nevertheless I am “at work” as this “Senior Officer” in Christ’s Grande Armee, now and on earth. Yet invisibly and inaudibly it is esteemed in heaven. I am sure. I agree I will have no other post in my lifetime. Save this “Senior Officer” and certainly none higher, in the eyes of heaven.


My long standing professional law career and service and religious and familial observance had led by 61yrs age for me to declare this “office” senior on 23/6/2013 in that essay so seminal to my thought and processed/distributed faithfully by my own Temon Estate Ltd team: it was Richard’s advocacy, but not any kind of infallibility, that must be understood: the distinction.


This senior “Officer” De Christ Armee is however not ranked above nor equal to any earthly military, priestly, political, judicial nor literary offices. Yes I am close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, but I know my place in this world, I am stationed below in the order of these men and women officeholders so astute and honourable I refer to. I speak with customary sincerity and humility.

19/11/17 Sunday
Temon in Cumbria
R.M Lamb