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This Damien laid himself upon the Altar for his fellow men and the Church of God

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This Damien laid himself upon the Altar for his fellow men and the Church of God

Essay on Damien of the lepers in 1964 and R.M. Lamb (11 years there)


Damien is now S. Damien of the lepers since his canonisation in Rome by Benedict XV1 in 2007 forty three years after I chose him as my confirmation name R.C in the oratory prep school chapel. Dorset. Why did I choose this Damien of the lepers as he then was? Because he chose the leper colony (Molokoi) to serve during his 19th century priesthood so charitably and that is where he dies of leprosy many years later still on that leper colony as the lepers RC priest. That was his decision and his alone. Damien’s power of choice exercised by him and applied by altruism is my example that drives me forward in the S. Damien mould and fashion. I apply my own decision making in my life, 150 years later than S. Damien. His “power” calls me forward to live my life now and since 1964.


It all stems from the name Damien of the lepers chosen in 1964 by myself. I alone take my decisions since 1964 and they are my sole responsibility. Damien has taught me that Christian principle. I must face the consequences of my decisions as he did before me. He was no risk taker or I. He was a Catholic practising driven priest in the service of God the Father almighty. That is premeditated Christianity in action. I have been a RC Lawyer and essay writer both for the foremost. That is my Advocacy calling through and through. We both exemplarity the decision consciously taken to create better lives for others. That is the opposite of riskiness. We serve God not chance: Damien and I.

My choice of Damien in 1964 was momentous/impressive for Richard then and later in his marriage. Somethings “stay” with you in life as a good friend told me in 2013. Damien is the final “stayer” for Richard in his life, public and private. I am not ashamed to admit with Damien it is all about options selected and followed through for myself and others: the right and proper choices made.

Tuesday 16th January 2018
Temon Estate
R.M. Lamb