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Capital Punishment Essay Part V - Religious Aspect

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The religious case for the death penalty further examined.

1. Christ

The example of Christ’s crucifixion is worth studying. We note he only came to understand his true worth when dying on the Cross (See my Capital Punishment Part IV essay of 9/10/13). Thus the sentence of death enables the condemned man to understand his life and actions truly in the imminence of his death. The dialogue on the Cross was between Christ and His Father God Almighty. No one else could join in that conversation. So with the Defendant about to die for his crime of murder. His telling words to his Father God the Almighty are confidential and likewise God’s response to the condemned man’s plea to Heaven itself is unheard save by that condemned man. Without doubt God our maker gave comfort to His Son who had acknowledged and appealed to Him from the cross: “Father, why have you forsaken me.” He will do likewise for any man under sentence of death – I have no doubt at all.

2. Four Last Things

The reason I discourse on this aspect is that there can be no real justice without an understanding of Death, Judgment by God Himself, Heaven and Hell. (Evelyn Waugh’s Four Last Things). Do not be afraid of true Christian religion and its basis for criminal justice and the sentence of death which I support. It is the lamentable timidity of our lawmakers and governing elite which has bedevilled our policy on Capital Punishment since the Second World War. The old practice of Christianity: Anglican and Catholic has been lost. These Four Last Things have become unmentionable and unthinkable. If you do not do your murder cases right all your criminal cases will suffer. You will not have the confidence to carry out criminal justice unless you believe devoutly in these Four Last Things for yourself and others. We have all become do gooders – feeling sorry for the accused and the victim. That form of pitying others no one desires. Rather we want everyone to stand on their own two feet including Justice herself in the hands of our Judges. Justice is not a leper to run away from but the utter truth and sincerity of Christ Himself who will come in glory to judge the quick and the dead. There can be no real justice without Christianity at its centre. Of course no one has to believe in God as Christians do – it is a free world. But I would counsel the Ministry of Justice in London - if you appoint as Judges of serious criminal cases those outside the three main religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) you are running the severe risk of diluting the strength and purity of the Judiciary. Judges cannot do their job properly without an acute understanding of God the Father.

3. Jesus and Sorrow for Men

Jesus really wanted His Father the Almighty to know he understood his true nature – human and divine and furthermore that he had not finished his teaching work. This tenet was very difficult to get across and certainly not in the last moments of the crucifixion. He did not come to comprehend it Himself until the last moment like the condemned man and his final act of contrition and sorrow for his sins. Christ’s late understanding of his true nature is mirrored in the condemned man’s plea for forgiveness. Christ had not sinned yet in his human nature he pleaded for forgiveness for those putting him to death on the mitigating point they did not know his dual nature. The condemned man is totally different to Christ and his mitigating points failed before the Court Room Judge but the Holy Spirit the Advocate will do far better in the Judgement of God than Defence Counsel did in Court.

4. Modern Justice

The trouble with modern justice is that we try to play God and believe we are perfect in our arguments. Wrong. We are human and thus fallible. If man plays his part truly God and Heaven will do the rest. Do not arrogate God’s part to yourself but carry out your job meekly as a Judge in accordance with the law of the land conscious that God’s power is overwhelming. Likewise we should not abdicate and capitulate our roles – particularly Judges who have a very important role to play in our Courts. Without good Judges there may be no mayhem but society will lose its way. That is for certain and the cracks are already appearing.

5. The Profession and Judges

The profession of criminal Advocacy is closely linked to the High Court. The Judges and these Advocates have a distinct linkage in London. One false move and you are a marked man. You dare not step out of line be you Advocate or Judge throughout England and Wales. Virtual military order prevails and rightly as criminal Judges are grounded in common sense. Any Judge may be unconventional but it does not go down well e.g. Lord Denning (Tom) to the end of his Civil Judicial career. Political correctness is not a judicial quality or attribute it is for the schoolroom debate. It impoverishes our Courts (Civil and Criminal) and our politics.

6. Conclusion

I say it comes down to confidence in the hearts of our Judges but not over confidence. Rather confidence built upon structured and reasoned thought and a deep inclination to do the right thing. Clearly Parliament has a lot of work to do. The political elite has to wake up to the need to canvass public opinion on hanging and if it decides restoration is required it must drive through secession from the Union and repeal of the Human Rights Act. Thus the ball is in Parliament’s court . The price is worth paying. Will Cameron return the “tennis balls” as “gunstones” fired at the Dauphin to end this mockery. I say he will but he will have to choose his moment. No one hates the Europeans – it is the monstrous machine and apparatus created out of the EU we have come to dislike and distrust. It is irreligious and should not be encouraged but we must make the first move. We cannot return to our Christian roots and remain in the EU. The Human Rights Convention is abstract and devoid of real meaning – mere words to be precise. You cannot right wrongs unless you have a properly developed conscience and that requires one of the three religions. The Convention has no soul or likeness to Christ. It we value the most important things we will leave the Union. Repeal the Convention and enact the Death Sentence in that order. May “Law and Order” return to our Country!