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Lament upon Jo Cox MP (Lab)

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb

Lament upon Jo Cox MP (Lab)
Now deceased and her murder

1) In the words of her spouse Brendan this was a killing caused by her political stands. I would argue he is right and it was a political murder on the streets of our precious England. The accused awaits trial at the Central Criminal Court as I write. Clearly he will receive a fair trial whether he pleads guilty or not. Let no one deny that.

2) This accused, if guilty proven or as admitted, has taken the innocent life of this politician to express in his own deeply wrongful way his opposition to what he perceived as her support for those working to bring down the name of our Country. No, Jo Cox was an Englishwoman in the best sense of England for refugees the world over and the larger European idea. My political views are of no account, nor save for sentencing do her murderers motives count.

3) The Sacrifice: yes her sacrificial death is not in vain but achieves, not mainly for her own repute but for the England & Wales now and to come which she loved. She did not flinch in the face of death nor does her husband Brendan. Let us follow that Jo Cox example and Brendan’s. When death came to her it was very real, yet before it was remote. We love our countrymen as Jo Cox the MP (Lab) for Batley & Spenborough did. She is in the mould of Clem.Attlee PM Lab and those Labour Party ministers in Churchill’s War Cabinet (1940-45). She was Labour through and through and that was her Englishness.

4) The Moral of her terrible murder. Do not relent in the face of this evil harbinger of death to one so bountiful in grace. Yes I do argue this case calls for the Death Sentence, but our judges have no such power at their disposal. Who is responsible for stripping our judges of this Final Sentence? I am afraid Harold Wilson Pm (Lab) and the subsequent anti-Death Sentence party of Major Blair, Brown and even Cameron. There is time to put right this lamentable state of affairs - my case is well known. Bring not hate but the morality based on the Supreme Law of God - the ultimate author of goodness and love. This dreadful crime, so brutal and premeditated, and contrary to this law of God should be marked by the Death Sentence and the sentencing Judge may say by comment as much despite this restriction on his power. This murder of Jo Cox MP should be the “wake up” call to our establishment to start thinking about the Death Penalty and what it means to our 21st century England and Wales. We should be open to this Return of Hanging or we risk innocent lives being taken. We should not be hidebound and narrow-minded. Jo Cox MP deceased cannot speak from the next world but please listen to her husband and widower Brendan. At the end of the day Clement Attlee (Lab PM) did not abolish Hanging from 1945-50. Jo Cox would have known his Administration well and what a reforming government it was, yielding results to this day, for all our people. I most certainly may not utter for Jo Cox MP deceased but I do speak for the people who support my Death Sentence case. Jo Cox MP may now see form the unseen world the force of my polemic on this issue. Let us unite in grief and bear the crosses we must as the living English and Welsh who survive to fight another day.

R.M. Lamb esq