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This Papal Presentation through the Royal Mail from the Papal Nuncio London SW19 to R.M. Lamb Temon Estate: Orpingtion

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  • Created on : 14 May 2016
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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


This Papal Presentation through the Royal Mail from the Papal Nuncio London SW19 to R.M. Lamb Temon Estate: Orpington Richard Michael Lamb 14th May 2016

  • (1) The author of this Papal presentation to R.M Lamb was Benedict XVI: Pope Emerity from the Vatican City State. It consisted of : (i) A Signed photograph of Benedict in his white Papal robes, signed in the name of His Holiness (ii) A replica medal of Benedict XVI: the then serving Pope (iii) The Papal Coat of Arms belonging to this Benedict XVI (iv) A compliment Slip of the Secretariat of State in the Vatican I was clearly the intended recipient but there was no covering letter. I have since moved office on 1st May 2015 from Orpington to Crown House Dartford. The Papal Nuncio in Wimbledon was well aware of my contact details in Temon Estate Orpington and their presentation arrived on 14/3/2015. Various of my essays: moral and religious had been sent to Benedict XVI in the Vatican by my office between 2/11/2014 leading to 14/3/2015 and indeed later. Clearly Benedict XVI’s office followed the protocol of arranging for the Nuncio in London SW19 to send this presentation to Temon Estate and myself. These various items have been assembled into a collage that stands framed in my home-study.
  • (2) Benedict XVI was not in the habit of receiving such challenging missives on these varied moral and religious topics from an unknown Roman Catholic English Layman. This Benedict is a High priest of the most discerning Roman Catholic intelligence and the utmost “moralista” calibre. I had sent him my 4/12/2014 essay on himself and his career, but it did not elicit this Papal presentation from His Holiness. In fact this Papal presentation reached me over three months later but within eight days of my 2015: 6th March essay on Humanae Vitae being sent His Holiness.
  • (3) The Trigger:
    This was undoubtedly my moral 6th March 2015 essay sent to His Holiness which corrected the grave error in my essay (moral) of 28th June 2013 (Abortion and Contraception). Benedict XVI was seriously interested in my admission in that later essay against interest of my earlier error in denying that Pope Paul VI (Blessed) was actually speaking infallibly against the widespread use of contraception in his Papal Encyclical: Humanae Vitae of Circa 1966. I had argued in my 6th March 2015 essay that Paul VI, as he then was in 1966 was properly speaking infallibly on this issue against contraception - a highly controversial subject this day as Benedict XVI well knows. Very few are prepared to take the line I do of believing in this anticontraception Papal teaching in the late 1960’s of Blessed Paul VI. Pope Paul VI may have been beatified, but the majority say this Papal Encyclical has long since been discarded. However Benedict XVI and R.M. Lamb esq are not in that camp of the pro-contraceptive mentality as now appears. He has held the highest office in the Catholic Church. I am an unknown writer: Roman Catholic (20-25 years less in age). He could still stoop to teach me I was right to correct myself. He could see I was unprompted, but still he did not neglect to confirm and support my case in that 6/3/2015 essay of mine. That is true Charity and Solicitousness to Richard M Lamb: a mere catholic: living soul. He had sent this “prize” to my office within 8 days of receiving my essay of 6/3/15. The “prize” arrived on 14/3/2015: His accolade to myself the essayist. It will not be revoked, nor has it been tarnished. I uphold the good name of Josef Ratzinger to my dying day. (Benedict XVI). Without doubt His Holiness was the author of this presentation sent my office.
  • (4) Conclusion: I have received very little, indeed no positive and prolonged approbation for my public essay writing since 1st June 2013. Yet Benedict XVI has condescended t do so very unexpectedly. He has struck to the heart a la Newman himself. You have written well Lamb - do not desist is the message I receive. Benedict XVI has been Supreme Pontiff. I have not deceived him. He is used to the teaching on Papal Infallibility pronounced 1870-71 (1st Vatican Council). He has discerned I speak truly from his retirement in the Vatican City. I have written very eclectically and powerfully, as he well knows. He works methodically and prayerfully, not on impulse. Let no one criticise this former German Pope now in seclusion. He came out of that solitude to “speak” to R.M Lamb esq. I will never forget that honour he bestowed on me and thereby my family so close to my heart. Benedict XVI has not erred in conferring this “prize” on myself. He is not in the habit of making such mistakes this ultimate teacher of Roman Catholicism and its morality to who I have never spoken. Eve of the feast of Pentecost on Sunday.
15th May R.M. Lamb Saturday May 14 2016