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R.M. Lamb, his 126 Essays and the English Roman Catholic Hierarchy

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


My essays espoused inter alia the Death Sentence for murder on religious grounds and for other reasons. The 23/6/2013 Catholic Church Essay directly brought the English Catholic Bishops into my polemic as potential allies to R.M. Lamb in his stand personal before the explicit death sentence essays began on 2/7/13 and later in September and October 2013.


The attempt by the convening of the medical panel of 13/8/2013 to derail Richard patently failed. The Bishops Catholic would have considered the Catholic Church 23/6/13 essay and the 2/7/2013 Death Sentence essay deranged heretical writing by R.M. Lamb a practising Catholic. They would have watched carefully to see if a medical debacle resulted in August 2013 from the panel hearing for R.M. Lamb. They had the knowledge of my psychiatric condition and the history of which they would have also been apprised when the Catholic Church essay (23/6/2013) was sent to several of their number and I came to their attention. That essay would have caught the eye of any Catholic reader. The received wisdom was I was barmy, chaotic, irrational and plainly out of my mind as my leaving Angela in May 2012 demonstrated. Thus the obvious medical denouement did not materialise to the Bishops surprise and several others who had read that Catholic Church essay.


The second attempt by Davis L J in late September 2013 to put me off the scent also failed – good friend though he be to R.M. Lamb for forty years or more. Nigel’s angle was I knew nothing of what I wrote in my essays and I was making a fool of myself. He did not trespass on the religious field. He said I should cease essay writing straight away.


Very few have debated the religious Catholic Church essay (23/6/2013) with me and my essays supporting the case for the death penalty in an informed impartial sympathetic yet truly constructively critical manner. I now realise the Catholic Church essay pointed the way directly to the death sentence case essays. The darkness surrounds the present lifer regime which I seek to expose in my 23/6/13 essay. The clarity cast upon it when the curtains are pulled back enables my Death Sentence policy to shine forth and light up the enemies of the light i.e. those for the lifer’s regime.

The lesson of my essays is do not be frightened of Capital punishment for murder alone. This will not have been learned by the English Catholic Bishops and they would recoil from my Death Sentence argument. It is unpalatable and unacceptable they would say in the current religious climate indeed under any circumstances.


The last and third attempt to close down my essays came on Trafalgar Day 2013 and immediately after on 28/10/13 at the clinic. The earlier challenge I had opened the door to by inviting Jennings and Anthony Lamb to the meeting at Lloyds Banking. Jennings turned it into an attempted demoralising of R.M. Lamb by denigrating his essay writing in Anthony’s presence. He failed abjectly as had Davis L J and those who caused the convening of the panel earlier in August 2013. Clearly my essays were stoking the flames of angry repressive opposition for these four attempts to catch me off guard in three successive months in 2013 (August – October) to be launched upon R.M. Lamb.

In the event the essays continued unabated to the pre-arranged shut down date on 1st March 2014. There were no later works of mine published by Kindle save the “German Generals” Working paper. No doubt the closure of my essay writing on the forecast date was noted with approval by these Catholic Bishops. The priesthood at Westminster Cathedral were regular recipients of my essays. (Father Michael Archer who died 2/8/2014 and Canon Christopher Tuckwell).


The Bishops Catholic and her Westminster Roman Catholic priests may now note I have passed the rigorous sophisticated and complex medical examinations (February 2013 – August 2013) and I remain monitored on medication but as an out-patient not an inpatient. Moreover the Senior Judge’s intervention in late September 2013 at Lincoln’s Inn proved ineffective to close off the essay writing. Finally the friend of my R.M. Lamb family: Jennings exerted little or no influence over my essays to write and the strategy of Temon Estate Ltd. Andrew Griffiths was equally unsuccessful at clinic on 28/10/2013.


What are we left with? A writer and polemicist of gravitas who has stuck to his guns regarding his essay writing phase. I have gone “public” on the 13/8/2013 panel and my discourse (6/4/14) on my view as to how it was convened to our private circle and certain Catholic Bishops. I have also mailed several thousand pro-death sentence letters to the public in July – October 2014 by agents. Finally against all the odds of his own accord he has gone back to his wife since 26/9/14 after his brief hospital stay due to his pavement fall on 15/9/14. All these four actions and series of events will not have gone unheeded by the Westminster Catholic priests and their Bishops.


Will these Bishops speak directly to R.M. Lamb? No they do not know how to engage with him and they are wary of his well-known tough speaking style the knowledge of which method has spread widely in his family and beyond.

9. Conclusion

R.M. Lamb is not at the end of the road nor his tether. I have propositioned the Catholic priests and Bishops in England in my essay of June 23rd 2013. They know perfectly well my oldest son is the respected Catholic Tablet journalist: Chris Lamb a very different animal to his father. May I be dismissed as lunatic? No longer but Chris is the best proof of my sanity. I am a regular Mass attendee at Westminster Cathedral. The result is a man in Richard who is resilient, incisive, original, devout and above all living in uninterrupted matrimony of 35 years fruitful duration. My son is about to go to Italy to be Vatican correspondent in Rome for the Tablet. Richard has played all his cards properly and backs his son Chris, his daughter-in-law Isabel and his grandchildren more than any other but always with Angela my wife. Bide your time Richard. With Christ anything is possible but not the impossible according to my view. I am realistic and I know my limitations. I am a midget yet I am no less than R.M. Lamb and he carries weight without doubt. I bring unity and comity, no strife and anger. Wherever I go I am sincerity and honour and all of this thanks to my wife, my parents, her parents and my three sons and Isabel. I say let the doors open to Roman Catholicism once more and this in the name of the utmost fervour and earnest desire of R.M. Lamb Esq. But the English Catholic Church will never support the stand of R.M. Lamb in his 23/6/2013 essay nor his Death Sentence policy in his later essays.

10. Afterword

My personal conduct will not be accepted by these Bishops and Priests as enunciated in my 23/6/2013 essay. I will never resile from my case in that essay however. Thus the Catholic hierarchy will be un-reconciled to R.M. Lamb’s personal stand as outlined therein. That is the sticking point for the Bishops and priests of the English Catholic Church yet I am discreet and modest. What I do in private no one sees or should see. I am not advocating persons follow my example. I am out in the cold on the personal stand and the Final Penalty. My supporters are far flung but still alongside me when called upon. My comfort lies in Christ, his mother, the Saints and our friends. I will never go back on my polemic for the death sentence for murder – have no fear. R.M. Lamb is not guilty of apostasy nor is he a man who capitulates I remain true to the death sentence case to my dying day and then to God the Father Himself the ultimate Judge. I believe in my cause. No one will dissuade me howsoever.