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Richard’s experience

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Yes I have truly been through the heavy seas, but I have emerged in to the calmer weather so long awaited


Yes a lot of proceeds realised from sales, what do I say? Land is land to stay as land: once sold those monies are to be disbursed and applied as the land vendor chooses and plans. I chose to wind my law firms down slowly not “throwing in the towel”/ I also selected and set up Temon Estate Ltd in May 2013 as the non-law successor firm and vehicle for R.M.Lamb essay writing and production and the death sentence case:- 1st June 2013 to 1st October 2014/Temon Estate was lossmaking, at the start like TE Ltd, due to heavy staff costs and ancillary office costs, rentals, rates, equipment rents, accountants fees and sol fees, and the expensive letter capital punishment case to the general public, from 1st July 2014 to 31st October 2014. The losses sustained by the two law firms and T.E Ltd from 2000 to 1st October 2014 were truly huge: the glacier beneath the surface: - so menacing/hidden. We traded by the sole conduct and resources of R.M. Lamb to sustain these three trading entities. Even Temon Estate took time to turn the corner which can be marked from the staff severances on 2nd Nov. 2015. Temon Estate reported a trading profit in year ended 5/4/16 and 5/4/17. (Two tax years in succession) Temon Estate accountants to 5th April. Each year these law firms (and T.E Ltd) employed good number of employees, severances and salary bills drained down R.M.Lamb’s cash reserves. Why not walk away? Because I had the liquidity to run these three firms, as was well known. I was the visible captain and I would not let the ship sink at all. My captaincy demanded I stay on the bridge to see this ship through the heavy seas - there was no storm. I made sure of that.


The Law practises:
How did the end come? I had already embarked on a closure plan in Jan 2013 ending Feb 2014. That became unrealistic when we could not get a renewal of our Family legal Aid contract (our main stay). We were left to survive on the family legal aid cases already granted funding (we were prohibited and would achieve no more) /our second string: non-contentious work could not help us. With the assistance of the newly recruited (by R.M.Lamb) Temon officer and his wise counsel I decided in April 2013 to close the law firm finally at end May 2013. It was done in a month by our highly efficient Temon solicitor and R.M. Lamb. By 25th May 2013 Temon Estate Ltd were trading with (3) full time staffs, I and one solicitor working in a non-law capacity plus a part-time secretary. Three law firm staff were made redundant by end may 2013 two with compensation. No law case work was being done. The law firm had shut. All current cases were transferred to other firms. Since early 2012 this result was becoming clear, even though Dilworth Lamb Ltd was launched to forge us a future on 12/4/2012.


You can call me unrealistic. I argue the position demanded an orderly retrack through Dilworth Lamb sole practice to Temon Estate Ltd then Temon Estate which now trades profitably. Composure and calmness were kept. That is crucial when a firm is going downhill. I am fortunate, yes to enjoy profitability since 5/4/2016. I had been a solicitor since 1984. I did not set up my own firm to fail. I tried all the options eg:(recruiting a child panellist solicitor) it could not be done. I admitted defeat. But not a capitulation. Temon Estate Ltd and the essays were the way out. I was a solicitor nearly 30 years and I went on till the writing was truly on the wall. The Temon officer and I read that “writing” and came to the same conclusion: shut down the law firm and do it quickly.


The essays (236 on website) have proved a lasting testament by R.M. Lamb esq. I have now turned my eyes to Cumbria and if you like, retired to my landed estates. It could not have been bettered. There are no short cuts for R.M.Lamb in his writing and professional life since 2000. I had to do it the hard way and I can be thankful really that matters have turned out in my favour. The course of my career has lead gradually to 2017 but the path was lit up by the kindly flame at each corner and cross roads or I would have fallen never to get up. I did not see it all mapped out. It was one step at a time. I could not see the distant scene. That is the way life comes and to us. If I had a thriving law practise I would never have had the opportunity and inspiration to write the essays. Particularly the death sentence (discretionary) of R.M.Lamb/let that flame freely burn I say. Yes this story has turned out well and there is more to come.

Wed 4/10/2017
Temon Estate, Dartford
R.M. Lamb