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  • 202. Terrorist Crimes of Murder in England & Wales since 1970

Terrorist Crimes of Murder in England & Wales since 1970 and Capital Punishment

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The answer to terrorists is simple. You either desist with your calumnies and don’t attack our society at all, or you pay with your lives if you chance your arm against the English Crown.

1. The Beginning

This subject turns upon Irish Republican violence on the mainland to the Good Friday accords in 2000. Furthermore, I must consider the outrages post-2000 committed by terrorists inflamed by radicalising thought stimulated by Islamic extremist preachers. I am concerned with the attitude of our society to all these dreadful murders and their perpetrators. What is the proper response of our political elite to such calumnies? Furthermore how have those who direct our prosecutions since 1980 developed their policy for these terrorist atrocities?

2. Psychology Of Confidence In Our Director And Crown Counsel To These Murders

We are concerned no pre-1980 but post-1980 even post-1985. None of the perpetrators of the central London 7 July 2005 explosions survived to face trial. I firmly believe the organisers and accomplices to these bombings walked free and still do. Why do they live in freedom? Because the motivation to prosecute them based on the Death Sentence for terrorist murder is missing. Our prosecutors are not driven to charge and prosecute because the Final Penalty is not part of our Rule of Law. Our prosecutors are not empowered and reinforced without Capital Punishment. We are reduced to strugglers from officer class.

3. The Particular Story

Were they overseas? Was the evidence available? Did the Director refuse to sanction prosecutions against the organisers and accomplices of 7 July 2005 on the grounds express or unspoken of a desire to avoid counter attacks being made against the Crown of showing excessive zeal to proceed against any person in the close aftermath of such heinous murders? The hue and cry was too loud and emotive so say some. The same considerations applied to Irish Nationalist bombings earlier in Hyde Park, Regents Park and the Royal Marines music school in Deal, Kent. I doubt anyone person has been indicted for these murders on our mainland. The bombers were uninjured in these cases. Essentially our confidence to prosecute such cases has been gradually sapped from the early 1980’s as the momentum grew to overturn the Guildford Four, Maguire Seven and Birmingham Six convictions.

What have we done on the mainland since 1980 against terrorist murderers? The Balcombe Street gang of four were convicted of serious terrorist crimes probably by guilty pleas. Patrick Magee set up the Brighton Grand Hotel bomb aimed at Margaret Thatcher our PM in the 1980’s. Magee’s fingerprint took painstaking work to find and match, and his case came to Court in the Central Criminal Court late in the day. He was probably outside our jurisdiction when detected. He was convicted of murder of a Senior Tory party politician’s wife, I understand, and may be also a Conservative politician as well by this timed bomb blast.

4. The Fallout

I argue the weakness we showed in defending so poorly and so maladroitly these 1970’s trial convictions (Guildford Four, Maguire Seven and Birmingham Six) committed by Irish Nationalists took the trust out of the Director’s aimed blows and sword fight, and our murder prosecution strength was generally hamstrung. Moreover, this inadequate defence of the Crown line in these seminal trials of the 1970’s has buckled under the process of prosecutions not seen through, not only against Irish Nationalist bombers post-1980 even, but also it has caused the process against the supporters and the organisers of the 7 July 2005 bombings to not see the light of day, or at any rate be gravely impeded. You cannot have bombings of the gravity of those of 7 July 2005 without a quartermaster and proper back-up for the bombers themselves.

I am bound to say I verily believe the police in England may have found evidence to indict these accomplices in 7 July 2005 and to put on trial those responsible for Regents Park and Hyde Park. These policemen of high rank do not suppress such damning evidence. You may be sure of that.

5. How Does My Drive Go On?

If you consign political terrorists to prison they know the clock will turn to eventual release sooner or later. A terrorist will do anything for freedom. I am concerned with political violence. The Balcombe Street gang of four won their freedom to Republican Irish acclaim in 2000 with the Good Friday agreement releases. They had run amok in London and never told a word of truth. They tried to spear our Criminal Justice and the Guildford Four convictions. They were totally unreliable yet many were taken in by their weasel words. Untold damage was done to our criminal murder trial process. Many in London and the Country believed this gang who said that they had committed the Guildford Four bombings, for which the Guildford Four were convicted.

Why did they not come forward during the Guildford Four trial in 1974 to save their countrymen life terms? Quite simply because the Crown prosecuted the correct accused in that 1974 trial and this gang did not wish to do time for something they had not done. They were begging to be convicted on arrest by the Met. Police in the 1980’s.

6. The Death Sentence

This has vanished since it was abolished in 1968 and before the Irish Troubles began in 1969. It has crossed my mind the disappearance of this Final Penalty may have lead directly to the terrible lawlessness in this Irish province from 1969-2000, still part of our noble Queen’s Kingdom. That topic is not in this subject matter. I am only concerned with the mainland and England & Wales. It is my submission this reckless abolition has made our terrorist murder justice simply child’s play, and a shadow of what it should be, namely the proper condemnation of these atrocities against the innocent going about their lives and business lawfully, be they police officers, civilians, military bandsmen or the Household Cavalry. These Irish Nationalist terrorists were not coming under any enemy fire when these mainland crimes by them occurred. These bombings were unjustified in every sense and morally were terrible unlawful, premeditated and cold blooded killings calling for the death penalty. Indeed the Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice John Donaldson, who tried the Guildford Four, said their murderous conduct called for the Death Sentence. His powers were restricted to the puny and laughable life imprisonment terms he had to impose for the four convicted of these multiple murders.

7. Conclusion

I genuinely believe this preparedness to put up with the emasculation of our sentencing powers for terrorist murderers has spread to Senior Counsel, the Director and maybe even senior police officers. None of our politicians will take the risk to expose this false thinking and stop playing safe. Thus we have been drawn into the “Continental Club” – i.e. we prosecute to achieve a strictly limited goal and then the not so long process to release begins. What a travesty of murder criminal justice! We have become time servers to these active terrorist murderers on our mainland. The bombers of 7 July 2005 would also have been released in the course of time if they had lived as the Lockerbie airliner bomber was allowed to return to Libya post-conviction by the High Court in Scotland. Our English & Welsh Criminal Justice does not pass the acid test of the just sentence to fit the crime as Gilbert and Sullivan noted: “The punishment must fit the crime.” (as the operetta goes.) At present in any terrorist case to come before our Judges of murder trials the sentence plainly does not fit the crime.

May the position be reversed? Yes by the radical right and its intelligentsia and the Conservative Party lead by a truly driven leader to achieve EU secession then to bring down the ECHR edifice. Once he, or she, has achieved those first two aims, the third objective of hanging falls into place with massive public support. The whole message of this paper is clear. We are vulnerable to terrorist attack even in England & Wales without this death sentence in our judicial armoury. No terrorist is bothered by a mere life term nor are his associates and controllers.

They will hit us with impunity as often as it takes, or we must have, at the very least, the impetus to strike back at the terrorist murderer and his confederates by the judicial process to conviction. After that it is a matter for the Judge to decide on one of the penalties including hanging in my view. I have no doubt we will strike hard and sure to defend our people at home and abroad as our long range bombers of the RAF did unfailingly in WWII of Bomber Command with Bomber Harris himself.