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  • 66. The Importance of The Jewish Religion and Race to The Modern Life

The Importance of The Jewish Religion and Race to The Modern Life

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The Judaeo Germanic axis in the post war era.


The story of the chosen race and the Old Testament prophets with the lineage descended from Abraham demonstrates the Jewish race was not just a religion but a race set apart to be victorious. With the coming and resurrection of Christ certain elements of Christianity regarded the Jewish race unfavourably: Shylock in Shakespeare, the outlawing of usury and the expulsions. The Jewish race was being persecuted for its religious stand against Roman Catholicism which condemned the so called heresy of the Jewish denial of Christ the Messiah. More- over the Jews in Palestine were blamed wrongly for engineering and planning Christ’s crucifixion in some mistaken Christian thinking.


Thus in the Anno Domini period of the last 2000 years the Jewish race and its religion have at times been despised, condemned and persecuted within Continental Europe. Yet they have survived this persecution and miraculously the 20th Century Holocaust to the modern 21st Century age. Have the lessons of this historical story been learned? I would say, yes. Why?

Because of Germany’s national contrition for its terrible policy aimed at the Jewish race and her religion in the Camps in 1930’s – 1940’s.
Because the Second World War was won to defeat Nazism and its ill-treatment of the Jewish race since the 1930’s to 1940’s during Hitler’s reign in power. (Krystallnacht was infamous).


Germany showed its ferociously aggressive face against a defenceless and innocent people. The result has been an almighty indictment of Germany’s moral standing which can never be eclipsed. The modern Germans may not have committed this genocide but like it or not the sins of the father are visited on the sons as the Old Testament teaches. Thus Germany has acted wisely not to re-arm or conduct a world lead on foreign policy. Yet is has built up the EU, the Euro and its own industrial base. Germany would be prudent to take a more retiring place economically in the EU and globally in deference to their appalling sins against fraternity committed so recently. The perpetrators can never be forgiven but they have all practically died. 1945 is nearly 70 years ago. We do not know enough about life after death and we can only judge on earth – someone else judges in Heaven. I did not know these German men and women of the 1930’s and 1940’s and I am British born 1952. You would need to get close up to these German Nazis to understand their thinking. Essentially it is res ipsa loquitur – the matter speaks for itself. You cannot conceivably forgive them on earth. Their sins are unforgiveable. The post-war Popes would endorse that position. If your sins are retained they are not released. This story demonstrates that gospel message: - For the Germans then and now there can be no forgiveness. No one wants to subjugate her but Germany does well to adopt and practise the role of the meek who will possess the land.


The Jewish race has taught us this interaction with modern Germany in the post-war world. We are greatly indebted to the Jewish race for clarifying and revealing these issues yet the Jews have in one sense forgiven the Germans as only they the victims’ descendants may do. The Jewish race has the ultimate prerogative of forgiving not only the Germans in the 1930’s and 1940’s but the whole of Western Europe for its persecution of the Jewish race over the past centuries. We as the protagonist but not the victim may not have this privilege. The Advocate advocates – he does not forgive – that is for the victim alone. There are other such examples in the modern age of the victim being forgiving Warrington IRA bomb and Northern Ireland Remembrance Day outrage. (Both carried out by the Provisional IRA or its associates). Christ apparently said it was for the successor of St Peter to retain sins or release them. What he meant truly is that the Holy Father is deeply inside the souls of these victims and therefore in solidarity with them in their forgiving. This after all is the Lord’s Prayer. The Papacy never dictates he consoles. Thus Rome consoles the Jewish race in their grieving and follows their lead on forgiving the German perpetrators and their descendants.


It is not a let off. The horrors and inhumanity of the Camps policy of extermination will never be forgotten. Like the stigmata or facial disfigurement it stays with you forever. The Germans modern and past will never escape the Holocaust. They are a marked race themselves but not chosen by God as with the Jews. They are inflicted with the judgement of history and the stain of their brutality and cruelty. That is what sets them apart – the very opposite to the Jewish race who remain the chosen race in God’s eyes: Why?

They have “forgiven” the whole of Western Europe for its sins against the Jewish race like it or not over the ages.
They have created modern day Israel in 1948 and secured that nation state from the foe malign on all sides ever since as a Jewish Sanctuary.
They have offered so much to the modern era post WWII despite the suffering in the Camps which could so easily have turned them in on themselves – Musicians, Lawyers, Rabbis, Judges, Doctors, Psychiatrists and Politicians.
They do not pity themselves – they are joyful.
They have an abundance of understanding and compassion that far outstrips our own Christian wisdom. They bear all things above all.

I do not wish to punish the Germans. Anyone who does wrong has to take their punishment. Several indeed more Nazis were executed 1945-46. No man is an island and Germans have to not only reflect but act on their great history some of which is noble e.g. Bonhoeffer a Pastor opposed Hitler. The modern Germans must adjust their sights according to the memory of the Holocaust and show the altruism destroyed in that inferno. (See my Germany and Japan essay 2/8/13). Germany may only make true restitution for the Camps policy by introducing in to the world edifice a proper contribution not only financial but crucially moral and religious. The Camps were not economic or with military aim. Germany should return to the uneconomic and non-militaristic approach in her religion: Christian. Her economic power does not befit her newly acquired post-war national character in her truly Christian sense of Bonhoeffer Dietrich for Germany uber alles: But always with the Jewish race and remembering the primacy of the Jewish people as teachers to the German people of modern Europe and all of modern continental Europe. Each of us must know our place.