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  • 199. Those Who do not Declare Unequivocally But Seek to Have a Foot in Both Camps at the Same Time

Those Who do not Declare Unequivocally But Seek to Have a Foot in Both Camps at the Same Time

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The message of this essay is clear: make your mistakes quickly!

On no account be guilty of dithering.

The path to Hell is paved with good intentions.

1. Introduction

For these persons a dire fate is reserved: They have not been honest with themselves and their fellow men and women about their stance. They have frittered away their time on Earth and used their understanding to no good effect. They have concealed their deepest thoughts, and they have not put their God given gifts to proper and full use. In the Biblical parable we are told of the servant given the single talent who simply keeps it. When the Master returns from his travels he can only produce the one talent to him with an impudent attitude. He considers the Master unreasonable even. Many were not entrusted with a talent. Woe betide those who are so entrusted is the message, and they have nothing to show by profit at the day of accounting.

2. How does my case go?

In the parable mentioned the talent is only entrusted, not given away entirely. Thus I equate this trust to the teaching role of the individual on Earth replicating Christ Himself in His life and death. I say we are all instructed to be teachers by this trust from Christ. He declares His trust in each one of us. He told his disciples make disciples of all nations. I say His immense power has driven mankind to teach then and does now, and will do so until the end of time. We teach each other in a nutshell. This power is invisible and effortlessly effective whether recognised or not by the particular person. Certainly the three Theistic religions exemplify my case.

The whole of modern Western society is built on teaching by rules and guidance our fellow men and women, and achieving a better world we live in. So I say those who sit on the fence neglect their discipleship and their single talent – they throw away this golden opportunity and gift from Christ. You cannot believe in God and have your fingers crossed behind your back. Islam will teach you that.

3. The Force of My Case

You will never get anywhere in life if you are not uncompromising in your decisions and actions. Even those who “play for both sides” exhibit this merciless approach as it is called. Everyone who is leadership material is prepared to go to great lengths for his objectives good man or bad. What about the likes of the fascist dictator Adolph Hitler?

xHe was driven, totalitarian, uncompromising and an utterly merciless leader. There was nothing good in him, but he was an unswerving believer in Nazism – the worst political thought of all time to the end of World War II. He certainly did not sit on the fence. He did not pretend to be democratic or egalitarian. He took his cue from an aspiration to dominate Europe and Russia, and many senior German Army Officers supported his stand. Stalin, although equally ruthless, hobnobbed with Churchill and Roosevelt, and pretended to be the democratic ruler of Russia. Hitler was more honest than Stalin. He would never have made a lasting peace with Stalin or the Western Allies, whom themselves were committed to the final destruction of Hitler’s German Reich.

Stalin’s regime lasted to the year 1989 thanks to his subterfuge, e.g. Hungary pre-1956 and duplicity – Katyn. Again I say Stalin was a poser and bluffer who dines at the High Table, yet also supped with the devil. Stalin was the arch example of the apparent strong leader with feet in both camps. i.e. Repressive rule and enemy to Hitler. He even convinced Donald Maclean of the esteemed British Diplomatic Service in World War II to serve his disreputable cause. He pulled the wool over George Orwell’s eyes and the 1930’s Communist fellow travellers. Give me an extremist any day that declares his extremism and bears that standard. Then we may defeat him quite properly in verbal, legal or military contest. Stalin was like jelly and simply all over us.

4. Leadership

This is the ultimate test of the teaching role. If it goes wrong as with Hitler the cost is appalling. We were far too weak with him in the 1930’s namely the Ruhr and 1938-39. We never stood up to Stalin on account of his beguiling ways and insidious methods shown at Yalta and Potsdam. This so called “friend” to the West completely overcame us because we would not challenge the virtue of his apparent anti-Nazism position when in fact he was the worst dictator himself alongside Hitler, who subjugated Central and Eastern Europe and his own people post-1945. Indeed is Russia a free country today? I doubt it! There is another Jekyll and Hyde in charge in Moscow today, I verily believe, who mimics the West and is Stalinist at core.

5. Examples of Equivocation

Senior people in Europe and the USA will not declare for Capital Punishment for murder, and for national self determination once more in Europe.

It is the constant mantra in the USA of the desired and perceived “Strong Europe” yet that EU is weak judicially, diplomatically and militarily. The EU is going nowhere. It has no sense of direction or purpose.
The other mantra: “Human Rights” is used to defeat our strong Judges and our revered Common Law and Equity in England & Wales. We are the flagship nation for justice the World over. There can be no true democracy in the World without the justice established independently and properly ruled upon as in our English & Welsh High Court. Human Rights are the death of judicial character and the courage of our Judges is sapped by the ECHR.
Our preparedness to mollify English Islamists and make them afraid of their religion, which appears to spring from our sheer abhorrence of pure religion, is not our best point at home and abroad. Religious observance may challenge dull mediocrity.
Putin is the greatest threat to freedom in Russia and externally. His vast armed services, actually used in his annexations of territory and his strongly repressive regime, present a very difficult challenge to the West. The problem will not go away: The fence sitters hold sway in the West. As with states in other theatres in modern history, it will take a massive Anglo-American effort to solve the problem of this angry unrestrained Russian Bear. At the moment we lack resolve and planning. We will have to build on morale, men and equipment quietly and surely. Slowly we must face up to this threat by strong trans-Atlantic unequivocal leadership of the Right, as with Reagan and Thatcher. We cannot just wait for another Gorbachev or internal Russian collapse.
Islamist rebels in Iraq, Syria and Libya are active. An impasse reigns in all three of these countries and they are lawless. They will be subdued if the Anglo-American alliance is not overwhelmed by political correctness which goes hand in hand with equivocal foreign policies. Iraq has been fought over once, but that should not be a reason for presently doing little there. In Syria the time will come to assist President Assad to quell these troublesome upstarts who seek to overthrow him and his government, which is legal and always has been. They have caused such instability there for so long and bloodshed. I argue our Nuclear Arms (English only) should be disarmed to greatly strengthen our conventional armed forces in the next decade, for supporting our foreign policies in these three Arab countries and in the Ukraine trouble spot with the Crimea, not to be forgotten.

6. The Story of the Reluctance to Grasp the Nettle Continued

Those who sit on the fence will never admit their wrongdoing. Make no mistake Hitler, no fence sitter, made no mystery of his policy of the extermination camps. Those who seek to be all things to all men are far more dangerous than megalomaniacs because they serve themselves and none other. They will never come out into the open so they cannot be tied down, prosecuted and judicially executed according to law. International Criminal law has no such sentence in its armoury. Even in the USA this Death Sentence has been rendered close to inactive and disused.

I say there are far too many senior men and women in our World who will not fight for the truth. Thus two faced tyrants such as Putin are matched by vacillating Western governments who will not take the proper action militarily and legally to face him down. One “pretending” regime is in effect getting support from other regimes unable to stand up for right. This adds up to neutrality and shocking at that.

7. Conclusion

The root cause of this terrible state of affairs is the vogue for diplomatic and military inaction based on the so called Human Rights edifice in the West. Those who will not stick their necks out are the perpetrators of a world without Christian values. As I wrote at the beginning it is Christ who teaches by example and none other. He needs no European Union, Convention on Human Rights, United Nations or International Criminal Court at The Hague, Holland to bring about His aims so inestimable and high in value. Yes He will work through those organisations and Courts if they persist I concede. But they are subordinate to His overriding jurisdiction based on the Law of God – His father and Our Father in Heaven in the Most Holy Trinity itself – Three persons in one – Indivisible.

First we must all accept He is foremost in the eyes of His believers and yes even His non-Believers, if we truly put our faith in Him. To Christ Himself be the highest praise! There is no leadership in our World without personal sacrifice, and Christ has made the one and Final sacrifice for us all 2000 years ago. His sacrifice lives on in the hearts of every one of us. It will never be extinguished or bettered.