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Why has R.M. Lamb Resumed his Essay Writing

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  • Created on : 23 December 2014
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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Essentially because I wish to be open about my thinking leading to accountability for these thoughts in my essays. Thus these essays must be written down, processed and distributed. I am a man, like it or not, with a life history and the proverbial ruler should be passed over me by those who know me. Should I bury myself in the ground? No! These writings reflect my thoughts and enable Richard and our circle to consider: - Yes I do depend on this circle to receive my essays and know I have written and issued them accordingly since 1st November 2014 and in 2013/14 phase. They may at the very least take note of the front piece and title page.


There is no obligation in the members of this circle to read any of my essays now standing at 146 approx – all written down. I have the God given right and liberty to produce these essays of mine in processed format and then disseminate this collection of essays individually. The accent since 1st November 2014 may be more on contemplation and assessment of R.M. Lamb’s works by our recipients. The initial burst of 126 essays was acutely persuasive as with the second wave since 1st November 2014, but now more measured as my writing has matured and developed.


I am no politician or journalist. I write to put down on paper the truth about the subject. I am no longer occupied with our mailing to the public which has ended regarding the Death Sentence Campaign. The Temon Estate vehicle has simplified Cumbria in my operations. I have more time to devote to writing these essays since 1st November 2014 and their release than I had pre-1st March 2014.


I write now as R.M. Lamb Esq. as I have always done since I began writing for others to read in mid-March 2012, approaching three years ago. My law advocacy days are over – I am no longer a practising solicitor. Yes I still write to advocate the value of what I have written in that particular written essay. Advocacy is too deeply embedded in my being for me to renounce that metier. That would be serious and abject surrender. I will always honour and obey that calling. To preach and to teach is to be didactic and stand apart from your listeners. No I am in among our recipients, readers or not, as they well know and understand. My character is clear to them. I am the old R.M. Lamb Esq. – the Richard who will not lie down and is “upsetting the apple cart” as usual.