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  • 229. Why is the fight for the Death Penalty ferocious?

Why is the fight for the Death Penalty Ferocious?

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  • Created on : 19 February 2016
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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb

Why is the fight for the Death Penalty ferocious?

Because it is being fought in the invisible world i.e: Heaven above and in the visible earthly world. I have without doubt been the investigator of this contest on earth and a true protagonist. The ferocity has not been lessened for me or anyone by R.M. Lamb esq stepping out of the ring victorious. It goes on this fight in men’s minds, hearts and souls as I write, so fundamental is it to our country. Some will be diehards and never enter my Death Sentence Camp to which I belong as the first Restorationist. (There are many in this camp and to join us.) I do not deny I could never have done the job singlehanded. That would be the way beyond me. But I did open the debate and make the first speech in England and Wales.

I now recognise I was taking on too much in bringing it all upon myself. In truth, only God and the Trinity may achieve my goal so cherished. It has to be in the hands of God, not R.M. Lamb, tempting though it may be to take it all upon myself as the one who opened the debate. Will I make the closing speech? That I do not know. Possibly not, as people have heard enough for R.M. Lamb. Indeed I would say I will leave that to another to sum up and close the debate: I simply do not know who, but not myself.

How do I participate now in this debate? In truth on the sidelines, but I do take a keen interest. I am always a protagonist because of my 227 essays and my functioning website. That will never change. I do not take up arms to actively campaign myself anymore and persuade. I came to this realisation on 18th/19th February 2016. My essays on the web silently argue my case. I will not canvas the people anymore. I do not recant or apostasies. I remain firmly in support of my Death Sentence Case of 1st June 2013 to end October 2015 as contained in my essays and put to the public from the 1st June 2013 to 17th February 2016. I will never desert the people who have given me their strong support for the Death Sentence as logged by myself in my Face to Face folders . This espousal of the Death Sentence by R.M. Lamb will always stay with me a little like the stigmata:
A Sign of true holiness dare I say it .
It is my cross I must carry. I have demonstrated I am not on my own. It will not collapse. On the contrary my belief in my Death Sentence case will grow stronger as my role is taken on by others more suited to the next stage of this campaign and carrying it forward. Out of humility is born true ardour I argue. Out of charity the essence of my case is understood and applied. I will pray for this humility and charity for those who will now pick up the baton, not of my case anymore, but the Death Sentence case proper as it has become. It has grown from a sapling to the mature tree. It stands on its own without R.M. Lamb to guard it now. I must stop calling it my case and recognise it has a life of its own. I do not control it, yet I have given it life. I wish to see it fulfill its potential without doubt.

I am confident the work of Christ will manifest itself in those who will build the Death Sentence for murder once more in England and Wales. To doubt that propositions would be to doubt the power of Christ himself. That I have never done and I do not doubt and I never will doubt. It is contrary to my frame of thought and my soul’s constitution to entertain those doubts. I don’t fight on as a “fighter” until 2025 as I wrote in 2015! Why not? Because the “bout” is won in Feb 2016 by the Referee’s decision. He has stopped “the fight” Himself in the middle of a round. I have been fighting this “bout” since 1st June 2013. The opponent of R.M. Lamb had taken too much “punishment”. That opponent was finished and he could not put up any real fight, he was beaten come mid-Feb 2016. Everyone could see it in my essays, this overwhelming victory of the senior Officer de Christ. Who is the Referee? God the Father Himself as with all hand to hand fighting, which I wrote in my essay. What about the Anti-Christ? He will not go away and must be countered. Will he show himself to R.M. Lamb and try to provoke that Senior Officer? I do not know, but if he does, I will privately and severely rebuke him as I have with others in times gone by. I will not lose my ferocity, nor will I fail to unsheathe my sword. My composure will not desert me nevertheless. I remain the Senior Officer dans la Grande Armies de Christ to my dying day.

R.M. Lamb 19th February 2016