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World Unity of Purpose and the Rule of Law

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Nothing is too much for the Holy Trinity, and certainly not the spreading of the Rule of Law across this planet. Let us humbly admit our failings and play whatever part we may to achieve this aim but firmly fastened to the Final Sentence without which we play at justice.

1) Introduction

I argue the stepping stones to this true comity of Nations is that each Country respect the Rule of Law as enunciated in England & Wales: the oldest and the foremost exponent and example of that Rule. The Sentence of Death is not presently incorporated in to our Rule of Law, and that limb I argue for is not the be all and end all of that Rule. However, without Capital Punishment this Rule has no shield or sword. It is rendered weak and powerless if we do not have the confidence to impose the ultimate penalty. Without this Penalty we will not have the influence and strength of resolve to teach by example our Rule of Law to the Nations. There will be no true respect for our Law if we do not enshrine the Death Sentence into our Criminal Justice. We may as well say goodbye to hoping for the union of Nations the world over. He who aims high will not disappoint. The Rule of Law is nothing if it does not go worldwide to be administered by each Country. From the domestic jurisdiction we should go abroad.

2) The Domestic Scene in England and the USA

This is what we have to centre upon. The brutal murders on the mainland of England recently are horrendous. For example: the woman, a young teenager murdered in the area of the Thames towpath near Twickenham by a man who had already murdered and been convicted of such in one of the Baltic States. Our police quickly tracked him down – he had taken his own life. Moreover, in the recent past a woman in her early 20’s was murdered in Essex by strangulation with a dog lead in her own home. The culprit whom she knew was found guilty of a prior murder in Germany for which he received 15 years. On release he entered the UK and committed this second murder. Here again the police quickly found out the suspect. Whether he was convicted of the second murder in Essex is unclear. Another very recent killing on our mainland resulted in a woman’s torso being found in the Midlands I believe. It does not take much intelligence to understand a double murderer should be prevented from carrying out the second murder through the Final Penalty being imposed for the first murder.

We do not wish to be proved right. We wish to make the individual think twice before he commits the first murder let alone the second killing. Once a person has a taste for murder he will do it again and again. e.g. The two escaped USA New York State murder convicts now on the run who are highly likely to murder again in the view of the North American Law enforcement officers – particularly if approached by members of the public. The USA Sheriffs and Marshalls and their deputies do not err. These USA convicts were spared the Death Penalty and how those Prosecutors and the presiding Judges must rue that day. The case in principle for the Death Sentence is overwhelming in these cases I submit. No wonder the English & Welsh and USA public support it. The USA will never permit its abolition thanks to the independence of its particular States in their Rule of Law under the USA Federal Supreme Court. The USA Supreme Court will not encroach upon this independence of the jurisdiction of these States of such historic importance to American liberty.

3) Innocent Life

The value we place on these lives of the innocent is the moral standard upon which the Rule of Law is based with the Death Penalty deep in its armoury. These universal values lead us to World Unity of Purpose and consent to the international reign of freedom based on God’s Law known to all of us. Let us not deceive ourselves, God never takes human life guilty or innocent. That is the starting point. Yes the Judge does rightly condemn the guilty murderer under the Rule of Law to suffer death. The only modern jurisdiction in the West where this happens is the USA. I respect that jurisdiction for upholding the Rule of Law and her Juries and Judges who bring in those guilty verdicts and Sentence of Death for murder. I regret the failure to bring about these executions quickly due to interminable appeals – that is not God’s Law it is man meddling with the Rule of Law based on God’s law. God does not desire that sort of suffering. He desires finality and the coup de grace. We must relearn that lesson.

The murder trial Judge I have in mind without doubt will have the backing of Heaven and our public. That Judge need fear no man, only God, He will do his duty by our Maker. He will not weaken or make excuses for himself or the accused convicted of murder. We are being held back from the application of the eternal value of protecting innocent life: young or old by those who will not countenance this Death Penalty in our Rule of Law. We are perversely saving the life of the murderer rather that placing the utmost emphasis and stress on innocent life before the murderer strikes, and he will strike not once but twice or thrice.

I have spoken to a senior German citizen visiting England recently whose father, a German Army Wehrmacht Captain, had been killed in action in 1945 in Mecklenberg fighting the Russians. What did he have to say? That the murderer sentenced to life who escapes prison has no fear of killing again as he will only get another life term. Message: make it clear those who commit murder will not get the chance to kill again. This noble German was saying as much to me – stop the rot with the first murder. Have no truck with these murders and those responsible and guard innocent human life fiercely. This is good sense and God’s command to us men.

4) Our Shattered World

Yes Syria, Crimea, Ukraine and Libya with the long suffering Iraq, to name present areas with no Rule of Law let alone the Death Sentence. In Pakistan the unruly terrorists have done ghastly atrocities including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto herself. The Pakistan High Court, her Army and Police force still keep their heads above water with the profession of Pakistani lawyers.

There are 8,000 on Death Row probably due to meddling in their justice which Rule of Law was learned from us. Who are the meddlers? It is those who put the rights of man before God’s Law. Without God’s Law there can be no Rule of Law. Let man stand second to God and not usurp His authority. Man is second to the Trinity which is the supreme source of human fairness. If we forget these dictums we run the risk of slipping into the quagmire and then our agitation for Rights and pronouncements will not help us. There is only one way and that is down and out for those in the mire. We must not lose the art of rendering to God what is God’s. We owe our very existence to God. Without Him we are savages and running amok.

5) The Deceivers

Like it or not there are those about who would beguile you into believing I am off my head. I say let them fall silent with their cronies and cease their mimicry of true sorrow. I am truly sorrowful for mankind in its state of insecurity. Thus their supposedly lawful conduct is appallingly paper thin and underhand. The test is actions not wishful thinking and words. If we believe in sorrow and justice our conduct will tell the tale. I have nothing to fear save Heaven herself. I will not weaken and shuffle about. I will always be true to my pledge on the Rule of Law, the stepping stone to which is the Death Penalty. I make no secret of my stand. I am out in the open. I will not let my Country down on my Temon Estate campaign to go overseas – God willing.

6) Conclusion

One of the great products of this Rule of Law with the Death sentence in its constitution is that it will achieve clarity in the minds of our Judges, who examine the behaviours of those accused of murder and its associated crimes. Thus by these Judges and their judgements we will all achieve understanding of these appalling crimes and their perpetrators. Everyone falls into line in this seriousness of the Capital crime and trial. This is the pathway to the amity of Nations. Out of this gravity the sincerity of the Advocate and the Judge will shine through. There can be no greater call to unity on Earth than the Rule of Law invisibly at work in a murder Capital trial other than Holy Mass itself offered by the celebrant Priest for mankind. Yes the badness of men accused of murder will be shown up by the Rule of Law and the Death Penalty itself – such is the goodness of this Rule of Law if the Death Sentence returns.