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The Mystery of Creation

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


This will never be unravelled but the Catholic approach comes nearest to an understanding of this mystery hidden from man.


You will never determine and unravel this mystery, however brilliant your insight and thinking and learned your training is in my submission. It will always remain the ultimate unknown. As Professor Stephen Hawking has said there is always hope for mankind, but as he implies this creation of our Universe still remains undiscovered. He has sought the ultimate equation, but I would say he has the grace to say this question remains unanswered. His “black hole” theory holds water but what was there before that “black hole”? Essentially we are none the wiser on this aspect, whatever we know about the stellar system as it appears and evolves before our eyes and telescopes, for example Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. That high powered telescope has been used to observe our night skies since the 1970’s.

2. My Credentials

I am no scientist, astronomer or mathematician, and certainly I am no physicist. I come to you as a 62 year old former lawyer of 38 years experience approximately in crime and general practice, to approach this subject with a degree in Politics and modern History, and a Roman Catholic education from Downside School in Somerset. Though these are not powerful reasons supporting my challenge to argue for an understanding of this ultimate conundrum.

Finally, I have written approximately 150 short essays since June 2013: political, modern historical, moral, jurisprudential, social, religious and educational. The results have been circulated to friends, family and others with most released on Amazon Kindle. My thought processes and written work has been clarified and accurately defined in these essays. I am thus lead to attempt this essay of severe difficulty to me.

3. What is the issue I must address?

Not so much how we come to exist, but why do we come to exist on this planet Earth in this solar system of ours. I leave the how to the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking. Clearly, if we knew exactly the how we would be nearer to answering the why. I do not leapfrog the how but that issue I am not qualified to debate and answer scientifically. For me it must be the why which will then drive the how question forward.

4. The question as to why our World exists?

It is tempting to say God does not exist, but this question of why the World is here suggests He does. How could the Universe possibly exist without our Maker? Professor Hawking’s theories go some way to explain our existence without reference to God our Creator. Many would agree with our much esteemed Professor from Cambridge University. I would start with the question at the start of this section, and the ontological reasons for belief in God – i.e. how could we all be here without God’s act of Creation and His presence?

5. Creative Power

For me, it comes down to the ultimate power and thrust of our Universe, which strongly suggests the one Divine God is providing the source of this energy. This energy signifies strength and meaning as astronomers have noted.

“Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could – somewhere there must be something good – then and now.”

adapted from “The Sound of Music”

That goodness is truly exemplified in man, the image of God as I wrote in my Evolutionist essay (issued January 2015). Thus, mankind is the best example and proof of the creative power of God. Yes, man can fall from grace, but there are many examples present and past of outstanding men and women. These Holy men and women convince me of the good God, and once I reach that stage in the argument I must accede to the overriding logical next step: - God created all our Universe and not only planet Earth , and He alone did this.

6. What can be put against my argument based on the good God?

Principally, that almighty God does not exist and He has never presided in Heaven, or at all over our World, seen and unseen. Many atheists and agnostics will support the non-God case. No one is obliged to believe in God, but such persons cannot demand believers deny their belief in the all powerful God. The contest should not be personal and bitter, but respectful, or the message will be submerged. It comes down to belief in God in my polemic, or the Universe will never be explained. That in a nutshell I believe to be true.

7. Conclusion

I have trespassed in to the how question admittedly, but that had to be if I was to address the why question. Why did God create the World? We will never know the answer to the end of time. That is His matter and not ours advisedly. He does not tell us everything about Himself, but He is pleased with His creative work. He does nothing wrong and can only do right. So his creation is good and therefore desirable. Life is precious to God and he makes it valuable to us. It is this very value to life that leads me to believe God, the all abiding and final author of good has created our life and planets. I return to my polemic in a new shape, but the aim is the same. Believe what you wish, but if you deny God’s existence you risk, not his ire, but your own goodness. That is the essence, not eternal damnation (reserved for those who should know better), but a simply wasted life based on the refusal to follow God’s Law and Lead. Mark my words, God loves each one of you – He comes to rescue not condemn. Let no one seek to misrepresent our Maker, either innocently or deliberately.