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Without these attributes we are mere dust and ashes with no rewards for our labours

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Without these attributes we are mere dust and ashes with no rewards for our labours

Richard M. Lamb’s standing


When you are called to the Bar as I have been in 1975, you have to show good standing and proper deportment then and later in life wherever you go.


How have I enhanced my moral standing in my professional life as Barrister-at-Law, then Solicitor of the Supreme Court? By incisive and penetrating Court Room Advocacy (1975-1982) at the Criminal Bar, yes, and as a tenacious oral and written solicitor (advocate) for my clients, from 1984 to 2013. Moreover a sizeable part of my own private monetary resources were committed unflinchingly to sustain the stable course of these successive solicitor’s law practises. Thus I showed true financial probity from 1993-2013 (20yrs) to secure the correct running of these Law (R.M Lamb) firms in a deteriorating legal aid climate (crime and family law). To have “shut down” these firms prematurely or driven them to collapse would be the opposite of my good standing ie: Defeatism. My standing, as the principle Solicitor, was upheld to 25/5/2013 and closure on that date. These were my sole (1993- 2012) solicitors practise bearing my surname and my Ltd Company solicitors practise following it (2012-13) also with my family names incorporated. Lawyers have professional standards to comply with – we are not “fly by night” traders. Our clients depend on us for good advice and being there for them. On these counts my standing held firm as a practising solicitor for 30 long years/ After I left the Bar voluntarily in 1982 and started work as a freelance solicitor, but in-house (1984 to 1993). (At the Bar my profits were greater than I ever reached as a solicitor.)


Was it worth it? Resoundingly yes. I argue on account of my direct politically moral case which emerged in my essays over what is now five years (2013-17) after I became a retired lawyer on 1st June 2013 officially. I would not have had the standing for this moral case. So audacious and persuasive and relevant to our Country’s National wellbeing, had I not achieved such good standing during my 40 yrs long law career (1973-2013). It was the probity and composure I demonstrated which stuck out in those financially troubled times for my law practises, especially 2004-13, when the pressure was on Richard to cut and run. That pressure bought out the best in my character –sheer “stamina” in one word. When closure came it was welcomed, yet planned wisely.


Conclusion: I do not sing my own praises, but I have remained true to those words on my certificate of call the Bar namely- “standing” and “proper deportment”. This is no game of “snakes and ladders” but rather Richard’s surefooted passage along life’s path as I have plotted it out. I am a Roman Catholic bred and practising of so many years. I have proved Jesus Christ tolerates neither obstacles nor enemies. He is the Victor; I am his senior officer Sur la Terre.

4/2/2018 Sunday
Temon Estate, Dartford
R.M. Lamb