Born in 1952 educated at Downside and Manchester University, Richard M. Lamb had earlier careers as a barrister and family lawyer. Unlike so many of us, retirement is not an opportunity to take things easy.

For R.M. Lamb retirement has been the culmination of a lifetime as a practising Catholic. Much of his writing, newly published, reflects his deep faith. It also demonstrates a respect for his late father, Richard A. Lamb, who was able, in his faith, to indulge in his love of writing about matters historical.

The reasoning behind all R.M. Lamb’s essays: both expressly or impliedly – is to secure the Restoration of the Death Sentence for murder and ancillary crimes by the discretion of the Trial Judge.

This Restoration is to follow on from secession from the EU for England & Wales with Repeal of the Article or Articles in the European Convention on Human Rights which declare this Judicial Death Sentence unconstitutional in our law.

R.M. Lamb’s Temon Northern Estate in Cumbria is the foundation of his discretionary Death sentence for murder case and has been since 1st June 2013. All his essays mounted emanate from that Temon Estate.

Richard Michael Lamb