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Brother and Sister paper

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Never turn your back on your family!


Ist LT. William Francis Mullins (USMC) killed in action Vietnam war (1960’s) having volunteered to serve in that theatre in response to president L.B. Johnson’s appeal for young men to join up. In conversation with Richard this US Marine RIP sister in the 21st century felt unable to recognise and salute her brother’s valour. She felt he had been foolish but she was honest with Richard nevertheless.


Sir Michael Havers QC and Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss son and daughter of Mr Justice Cecil Havers RIP of our Queens Bench division. Sir Michael died 1992 RIP but was our Attorney 1979-87 then Lord Chancellor briefly. His sister Lady Butler-Sloss (by her spousal name) was once president of our high court – family division now RTD. Sir Michael is known particularly as Crown Counsel (Senior) who successfully prosecuted the Irish Terrorist cases. The Guilford four and the Maguire Seven before he became Attorney for Thatcher. He was instructed in those two cases: 1975/76 by the Labour Attorney: Sam Silkin QC Sir Michael was Conservative MP for many years including during these said trials when his party were in opposition. I have publicly and extensively written to praise Sir Michael in various respects including his conduct of these Seminal Terrorism trials so properly concluded and carried through to guilty verdicts/all eleven defendants in these trials have had their convictions overturned by the Court of Appeal Criminal Division. I take note I have heard nothing whatsoever from Lady Butler-Sloss in relation to what I have published on Sir Michael: my former head of chambers 1977-82, she was still in demand to conduct recently Tribunals of enquiry. She does not wish to stretch a point to give me encouragement for what I have disseminated regarding her eminent brother: this Queens Counsel for so many years and very well esteemed he was amongst those judges and Senior Counsel of his epoch. I detect she is a little lukewarm when it comes to Sir Michael; she is not an advocate in his mould and never would be. There is clear water between Sir Michael and his sister Lady Butler-Sloss that’s for sure. I leave it at that. You can never separate brother and sister and read between the lines.


Conclusion A spouse brings newness of married life. The sister is born of the same mother and father as her brother. If the spouse cleaves to the husband the sister and brother are bound together by the ties of birth. Give me a sister, but above all give me my spouse so bountiful!

Sunday 4/3/2018
Temon Estate, Dartford
R.M. Lamb