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  • 253. The Confederacy in the USA (1860’s) and the 21st Century

The Confederacy in the USA (1860’s) and the 21st Century

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


This confederacy was a good example of a people who left their parents, sold up their possessions and picked up their cross to follow Jesus. The South did that to a Man and that was truth speaking. They believed in Christianity and their way of life and what is more they were prepared to sacrifice everything for their cause: They did lose their lands and lives in battle principally at Gettysburg. They believed in their case on slavery, but lost to the abolitionists in theory and in practise. They did not secede to prove a point, but to defend their livelihoods, even their slave, they turned out losers all round. This confederacy was exposed to the might of Lincoln’s populous and his armies with the military/industrial power of his union. The confederacy flame burned freely, but was inevitably extinguished. The south could never win on the theory of slavery nor militarily. It was always bound to lose on both counts.


What do I say to sum up: that if we are not like these “little children” we shall never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The American Southerners looked after their slaves (black) well pre this 1860’s conflict and civil war. Yes the confederacy was a venture in to the unknown and no restoration. They were “children” in their politics and secessionist policy and imagination doomed to failure. For a very brief moment this confederacy flowered only to be crushed. The USA had been born in the 18th Century. This confederacy tried to tear down this union, so strong, for the sake of the South. So true/ no, history was with Lincoln and his United States, not with the Southern States arguing for a forgotten and discarded way of living. The confederacy apologists for slavery were rightly ridiculed. They have no case. They were child-like and we are no longer children with the eyes of children. We are adults with adult minds thanks to Christ. I say be prepared to believe as a child, yet still act as a man according to the law of God./Not some paper thin philosophy of our current Human Rights Activists. Those confederates believed in God, but their thinking was dreadfully flawed. They were “children” and suffered the fate of all children who do not do as their Father and Mother tells them. Nevertheless these Southerners (like the noble Jefferson Davis their leader) taught us the value of their sacrifice, still in vain; the only beliefs worth standing up for are those for which we lay down our lives. We are all “friends” now thanks to this American Civil War, so bloody.


Postscript:- The Klu Klux Klan grew in the south/ have those murderers been sentenced to death by the Criminal Jurisdiction Courts in the USA and executed?? I fear not. Justice has not saved the black man in the south. Were the assassins of Rev. Martin Luther King found guilty of murder and then executed by Judicial Sentence? Again I doubt it. Finally I argue protect our black people and bring back the Death Sentence for murders in England and Wales, even in the American Courts where Capital Punishment for murder has fallen into disuse.

Temon Estate, Dartford
R.M. Lamb