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Corpus Christi Sunday: Contemplation

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Corpus Christi Sunday: Contemplation 29/5/16

Fr Martin Plunkett says today in his sermon in Westminster Cathedral: High mass Our Lady has “created” Jesus who is the real presence in Holy Communion i.e.: the Body of Christ. No, she gave birth to Christ in the Virgin Birth, but she did not create Jesus Christ as mothers do today when they “have children”. Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit: the Third Person of the Trinity. That power caused this conception of Jesus alone without Mary’s egg/ovum being involved as I understand and I believe, Mary was the receptacle for Jesus in her womb and there by his foetus. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus! We say. Even in Biblical days they knew of sperm but they did not say Blessed sperm. The Holy Spirit does not deal in sperm in this Annunciation. He acts by His divine essence through the Appearance of Gabriel. The ovum is not fertilised in Mary by this Holy Spirit. This conception, so holy, of our Saviour within Marys womb is caused by the “impact” of the Holy Spirit upon Mary in this Annunciation, but outside the usual reproductive process. We are told Mary was “declared to” by the Angel and she conceived within herself, but not by her own fertility. The action of this Holy Conception is within her womb as was understood by her kinswoman Elizabeth. Ovum, as such, were unheard of in those days within fertile women. It would be appalling sacrilege to say the Holy Spirit worked like male sperm on Mary’s egg. Yet Father Martin left that open in his final words of his sermon today. Such a process would relegate the conception of Jesus to a form of men upon women interaction. This was Conception by the power of the Holy Spirit on His own and nothing less. There is no indication in the Bible that the Holy Spirit took upon Himself the mode of man as we know men. This Holy Spirit is too strongly divinely driven and direct for that: He is the Third Person and proceeds from the Father and the Son before all ages and eternally. He is the Lord and the Giver of Life. He must not be demeaned. He is adored and glorified with the Father and Son. He acts by the Trinity, the ultimate source of life and grace. I draw the example of the mass and Holy Communion. An outward sign (as the Archangel is in the Annunciation) of inward grace. But sacramental grace does not cause the conception of a child in the womb as with the Annunciation. Mary took Jesus in to her care inside her femininity. We also venerate and revere the Sacrament in our beings. The Conception of Jesus is one off and the utterly supreme moment: divine to mere women or men or child that will ever happen. It does not involve Holy Sacrifice like the mass which is repeated time and again infinitesimally. The Annunciation is life given to Mary and to Jesus; incarnate and transforms Mary’s physical makeup. Mary becomes mother of Jesus by this sacred and unique mystery in time - the first Joyful. Gabriel appears once and for all and the Holy Spirit Himself occasions the conceiving of Jesus within Mary. Never before and never again will the Holy Spirit so act in this World of ours.

Holy Mass alters the Host:-consecrated by transubstantiation in to Christ’s body and blood. But we do not see the Archangel and our own personal physical properties are not changed. The inward grace is invisible as is the process of transubstantiation. With Mary the proof was the birth of Her Son Jesus. There is no scientific proof of the real presence.


Mary does not “create” Jesus by her own feminine process as impacted upon her by the Holy Spirit. She is no “surrogate” mother to Jesus. Nothing is implanted. It is the overriding and overpowering commitment of the Holy Ghost to carry out the wish of the Holy Trinity to enable Jesus to live in Mary. Thus Jesus mysteriously is made incarnate. The fertility and embryo is not part of it, nor placed within Mary by this Holy Spirit. Mary Cherishes and nurtures Jesus: child in the womb, baby, young Son and grown man to His Passion and her own Assumption so Glorious, the Queen of Heaven. The moral is Mary takes nothing for herself and does everything for her Son and the Trinity, so Holy, as the Councils of the Roman Catholic Church have taught and we believe to this day.

Corpus Christi: Sunday 29/5/16 8.00pm