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  • 188. Does Jesus Christ Support the Restoration of the Death Sentence?

Does Jesus Christ Support the Restoration of the Death Sentence?

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Yes the sheep will be separated from the goats and if we follow Christ’s teaching in Matthew’s Gospel (Chapter 25) we too will be saved as we will have welcomed the stranger and not turned him away. Let us not forget Christ dwells in the hearts of men and women.

1. The Opening

This Temon Estate Policy of mine is well known in these respects, and I first wrote on the religious justification for the Death Penalty in October 2013 I believe. I have no hot line to God and His Son – I am and have been a mere churchgoing Roman Catholic since my earliest reasoning years. I do not speak for Christ and He is supreme and the only Way to the Father. Am I obsessed with my Death Sentence polemic? Yes, I do often return to this theme but it is a big subject. I have adopted the role of the advocate for this Death Penalty, and I am a lone voice.

As we approach Pentecost I am conscious the one and true Advocate motivated the Apostles 2000 years ago to perform their work of Apostleship making disciples of all nations. I am not to be confused with this Holy Spirit and these Apostles. I believe in my case, I will grant you my readers, or I would have given up long ago. It is the Death Sentence which motivates every single one of my essays, even where it is not specifically mentioned, and I would not be writing essays at all on any subject without my strong polemic for this Death Sentence. That polemic is my raison d-etre to write I concede. Thank God I also write on other subjects!

I have a task in hand and to pursue within the bounds of reasonable time, space and energy to 7 May 2025 – my deadline as laid down. I will gradually continue to essay write for my readership. As I have said before, I am a serious writer in the mould of the Blessed Cardinal Newman. For the avoidance of doubt I am no teacher, roving preacher, academic or journalist, and I am most certainly not Jesus Christ or his spokesman on Earth or anything approaching that, but I am driven.

2. The Argument

Jesus Christ does not stand by – He acts by the good and faithful to alleviate, for example, physical suffering and moral nakedness. He said;

“When you clothed the naked you did as much for me – when you gave the thirsty something to drink you did that for me”

Gospel of Matthew: 25: Vs 31-40.

Thus Jesus Christ identifies Himself with those in any sort of need and urges us to assuage their beseeching requirements. He place greater importance than anything upon helping these persons who crave our help, whether they recognise it or not. He also brings this analogy into the Last Judgement of the Living and Dead and the sheep and the goats. The sheep will be divided form the goats as the shepherd does -

“The King of love my shepherd is.”

- as the hymn goes.

The King is the Shepherd and make no mistake the sheep will be saved and the goats condemned in this allegory. The King (Christ) will perform this separation.

3. The Lesson

That Christ will not heed the cries of those when He comes again who have not welcomed the stranger and carried out these charitable actions I mention. I was sick and you cared for me – I was in prison and you visited me. Let us grow up and interpret this Gospel as we are meant to. Fundamentally the Soul counts for far more than the mind and body. Christ is saying save our souls or be damned yourself. Have we forgotten the eternal message of the Son of God? He comes to save and heal sinners and thereby secure souls for eternity. The very few virtuous are save anyway. They are not His prime concern therefore.

To sin is a human preoccupation and a normal risk of life. That is why we, most of us, have an abiding attachment to Christ to be saved by Him be we Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist. Christ will save them all if we clothe them, feed them and give them something to drink. This Gospel strikes at the heart of charity man and woman to man and woman, quite apart from the power and essence of Christ’s Judgement at the end of time. He may only deliver on what we have achieved and failed to achieve. We create our own eternal judgement by our lives lived out.

4. The Application to the Death Penalty

Simply that the process of teaching the criminal accused of murder by his trial, and the just sentence of death passed on him, makes it clear to him he has committed the most serious and ultimate crime of taking innocent human life. His life will be taken from him by this judicial process, but he will attain eternal life which otherwise would have eluded him. This is the most important act of charity a Judge backed by our people may order to be carried out, namely the sentence of death for the murderer.

5. Where does Jesus Christ Stand?

Firmly and truly for this judicial process to execution if we believe His words;

“I was in prison and you visited me.”

Yes the visitation of the criminal judicial process as properly carried through to the point of execution and then salvation. To weaken on this precept is to refuse “to visit” the prisoner in truth who is subject to the jeopardy for murder. The real meaning is not mere prison visiting by the likes of Lord Longford, but the visitation of true justice upon those who murder and take innocent lives. Let us not pretend – Christ means the interpretation I put on His words in this Gospel. Of course we cannot save others’ souls or condemn them ourselves and least of all myself, but we should do all in our power to help our neighbour.

I argue Christ left his testimony in Matthew’s Gospel. If we are not careful we will miss the message and our neighbour will suffer by our own default. We will never forgive our lackadaisical attitude to His Soul if we permit such a state of affairs to prevail.