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For What Do we Stand?

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


I argue let every Englishman and Englishwoman take the stand wherever the opportunity arises. We will not be silenced. The uproar will be triumphant and England & Wales will be changed forever and for the best with the restoration of Capital Punishment for murder most foul. Then that Judge driven power will never be taken from us again.

1. Introduction

This is the bottom line – where the rot and the buck stops. Someone has to make the last stand – to take responsibility in the dire emergency however it shows itself. Yes we have to stand up for Christ, but what does that stand mean?

2. The Military Analogy

In France in 1914 the last ditch out flanking manoeuvre by General Joffre’s French Army on the Marne river valley knocked the German Armies advance off balance, and Paris was saved with the Great War won itself later in 1918 for the Allies. At the end of this 1914-18 War the Germans retreated to their prepared defensive Hindenburg line, which was never breached by offensive action.

In May 1940 the Franco-British troops held off the German Wehrmacht at the Dunkirk perimeter just long enough to enable the British Expeditionary Army to be evacuated from the French beaches to the sanctuary of England. A victorious last stand! The Germans would have driven us “into the sea” if we had not held that perimeter for those crucial days. We lost our equipment, but not our fighting men. Hitler’s Atlantic Wall in his Festung Europa proved brittle in June 1944 as did his Gothic Line in the Apennines in Italy in 1944. Our Angle-American forces prevailed in both theatres in the final outcome.

3. The Particular Story Of The Peninsula War (1808-1814) And Wellington’s British Army Against The French Army

Wellington’s predecessor, General Sir John Moore, had been killed in action in the Retreat to Corunna in North Western Spain. The Royal Navy then conveyed our troops to safety. Wellington, as he became, prepared defensive lines in Portugal at what became known as the lines of Torres Vedras in 1808, constructed in Portugal north of Lisbon between the river Tagus to the east and the Atlantic to the west. The fortifications of wooden staves and vegetation as I say were called the lines of Torres Vedras: almost every Portuguese knows this. Wellington was obliged to retreat securely behind these lines, his last stand as he anticipated, due to the superior French forces. But the French were short of provisions and the siege was lifted to enable Wellington to break out and engage the French armies over several years in a series of battles won in Spain, then leading to France herself. He never looked back and Torres Vedras saved the day due to his foresight.

4. How Do I Draw My Analogy

I am fighting a grave campaign to restore the Death Sentence make no mistake, and I do not confine myself to England & Wales. It is akin to a military campaign as I give no quarter, and I will fight to the finish. Lives will not be lost in this campaign, God forbid. But the argument will be won and those who oppose my case will be drawn into the open, as the French Peninsular Army was engaged by Wellington’s British Army and his subordinate Commanders after he advanced from the lines at Torres Vedras.

What is my own Torres Vedras? Essentially the 215 short essays I have written since May 2013. They are my defence against all opposition. I am secure within those essays or “lines” as I call them herein. They cannot be taken away or breached. I can be provisioned as Wellington’s troops were at Lisbon by the Royal Navy. He could wait for the right moment to break out and advance. My provisions are in my Temon Landed Estate, my business, as a sole trading entity. I am mobile like Wellington’s Army and I can move from subject to subject within the overall death Penalty debate and moral case I pursue. I do not have a long baggage train. I am lean and fit and I do not have to march on my stomach like the French Army; i.e. feed off the occupied territory. My provisions are within easy reach. I have no real Navy nor actual Army. I am simply the essay writer and disseminator. I am no sharpshooter or irregulars force. I do not pick off French Officers and soldiers one by one. I take the argument full on. I am out in the field, so to speak, like Wellington as he engaged the French Army in pitched battles. I seek the face to face debate in conversation and before the people. I am prepared to bide my time.

5. The Limits Of This Analogy

There is no war being fought and no battles being engaged. There are no Generals or Marshalls, nor Officers and no soldiers. Nevertheless, there has to be a chain of command in every sector of modern society. Someone has to give the orders for others to follow and obey. I am transparent, but those opposed to my pro-Death Sentence campaign are simply covert. They will not be engaged in debate. Why not? Because they fear the people will support my Campaign, if it is brought into the limelight, and then the restoration of the Death Sentence will be unstoppable. That scenario they will avoid like the plague. These persons giving the commands in the establishment will never support the Death Sentence for England & Wales. They will never be converted. They are essentially incorrigible in the non-criminal sense. They will never change their view. They consider themselves above the people, and would never admit it but they are not for the people. What is their policy? Dampen down any debate and the Death Sentence issue will go away for good they say. If I don’t succeed in restoring the Death Sentence within ten years from now I will make that issue go away for good. Have no misunderstanding; I will do the job for these manipulators and doubters myself. Take note all you interested persons.

6. Conclusion

“To take the stand, to make the stand, to make undaunted the final sacrifice.”

That sacrifice has been made time and again in the two World Wars, and far too many times I would submit. Thank God we live in peace and our lives are not threatened as in those two dreadful Wars. The test is do we take the stand now to argue the case we believe in? As is well known I have sought to do that in my pro-Death Sentence Campaign case and my wider essays. In our World of the 21st Century the greatest enemy to radical change and reform is the appalling complacency and infatuation with electronic gadgetry and superficial analysis in news items. We are hooked on mere poppycock and we are miles from the true principle and real moral argument, let alone the true belief in Christ.

I reiterate the establishment will never alter its viewpoint. So the vox populis must roar its dissatisfaction with such condescension and implacability. This will be the last stand of all stands. The edifice must be brought crashing down as with Samson Agonistes the giant leaning on the pillar of the enemies of Israel. There will be more than enough men and women to rise up through the rubble to rule our Country and change the face of England & Wales. We will be once more true Englishmen as of yesteryear and we will be out of the chains of mediocrity.