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God is Personal

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The strength of God our Father is He addresses each one of us, listens to our prayers and heeds our petitions.

1. Starting point:

The very nature and character of God is deeply personal and penetrates our most personal, private and inner thoughts. He is calling us by name and with a very well constructed statement of what He expects of us. His calling to each person is evolved in the life and career path of that individual as the dialogue persists between each one of us and God the Father Himself – Christ being the only Way to the Father. The calling transmutes to adapt to the circumstances in a person’s situation.

This appeal of the Almighty is not static or repetitive but it does echo in our hearts and souls during our lifetimes.

2. Religion:

There is no point in believing in God whether you be Christian, Islamist or Jewish if you do not accept this starting point and furthermore believing in the only one and personal God and getting personal with Him yourself! The sky above us is impersonal – God is the opposite – He defines our traits, character and beliefs. God throws down a challenge to us – “Be personal with I the Godhead whoever you are and I your Father in Heaven will respond with great interest in each one of you”. I myself : R.M. Lamb believe religion has real power and authority particularly in the three main religions based on God the Father – This divine power from God radiates through these believers by their callings and lives.

3. How does religion translate to action in our lives?

At the end of the day God will not tell you what to do. You have to work it out for yourself and how to apply God’s calling in your life and abide by your adherence to your religion and its practices in your mind, heart and soul. Action is at the heart of true religion centred on observance of those religions’ practices, prayer, educating yourself and converting and forming others. Clearly God points us in the direction of religious thinking. Without action we are powerless weaklings. This properly executed and thought our action is the bedrock of our theistic religions. With action comes caution – we should not throw care to the wind. Circumspection is the name of the game at each turning in the road of life and religious activity. Thus it must always be well considered action and pre-meditated thought should reach its fulfilment in action for the believer.

4. Outspokenness – R.M. LAMB

No one should be required to divulge the secrets of their hearts to others but some leaders are outspoken and the remainder of the public are prone to hang back. That is quite understandable.

We should not all speak at the same time! I consider I was under a duty to speak out. Hence my 126 essays to date – really 125 essays including this one. (One being engendered from a synopsis “The Vatican and the Dictators” – of my father’s R.A. Lamb dec’d). How do I proceed from here? I write as an advocate primarily but my second essay (June 2013) was clearly personal (RM Lamb and the English Catholic Church). I have ceased my essay writing for publication on 23/2/2014 as previously envisaged and as directed by myself in 2013 post June. I started this essay writing in June 2013 for publication – most essays have been released on Kindle Amazon but not so since 24/1/2014. Hard copies have been distributed to various recipients since June 2013. Through the writing of these essays I have defined my analysis and polemic on subjects : political, modern historical, military historical, jurisprudential, legal, social, moral and religious. My sole aim has been to persuade my readers of the logic of my argument and its persuasive force.

Those readers must all make up their own minds regarding these essays. Several recipients have asked us to curtail sending my essays to them as time went on since June 2013. By and large we have granted those requests. The majority of our recipients have demanded no such interruption in the flow of these essays.

5. The rationale for RM Lamb’s metier: and moral stand

Clearly as an advocate in law originally and since June 2013 as an essayist and now post 1st March 2014 as a promoter of these essays. I take up the theme personal once more as I am driven by the power of my Roman Catholic fervour first and foremost. What do I now hope to achieve? Frankly my task ahead is nearly done but the summit so close is the most daunting of all. I have argued powerfully and sincerely for the restoration of the death penalty in several of my issued essays and I will adhere to that core polemical case to my dying day. Restorations have been known in English Constitutional history e.g: Charles II and William and Mary (husband and wife). Both Restorations were in the 17th Century and constituted very significant changes in policy and regime – indeed under William and Mary the Bill of Rights was enacted still relied upon by English polemicists. No one suggests a return to the days of Hanratty and Ruth Ellis – the trial Judge will I say decide on guilt and whether to apply the ultimate penalty. It will be a restoration but with an injection of the 21st Century Justice spirit in the new death sentence regime in my view. To return to William and Mary they reintroduced the Protestant Ascendancy of Tudor Elizabethan England in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. These two Restorations signalled the end of Cromwellian Puritan England and the overthrow of the despised Stuart Catholic King James II : both bloodless changes in regime which proved good for late 17th Century Britain. England is now on the verge of another Restoration (the death penalty) coupled with the seismic secession from the EU and the Repeal of the Human Rights Act to pave the way to that Restoration of the ultimate penalty. That shift will give back her sovereignty to our Parliament and empower the English High Court to administer our justice in the time honoured manner once again.

I will put my money where my mouth is and answer those who doubt me. Yes, I am ready to put my own life on the line and like the poor prisoner at the bar in years gone by who was condemned to death I will face the same music. Christ himself was condemned to death by Pilate and suffered death. The argument and polemic of my essays drive me to this declaration of my willingness to undergo such condemnation and death myself if circumstances unknown bring it about. Clearly I will not die on the Cross nor will I be sentenced to death by a Court of Law. It may never happen to RM Lamb yet Christ was put to death 2000 years ago. Yes be assured I will lay down my life for my friends if called upon but God forbid such an outcome. The ways of life are strange – things may be properly apprehended but never take place. The danger may pass me by yet it may have been very real. Time will tell.

6. RM LAMB and his particular mental outlook:

I am speaking of extremely serious matters external to R.M. Lamb as they were to Christ my Saviour in His passion and death. He was not deluded nor paranoid and neither am I. I take my cue from Him and concentrate on the actual seen world. Christ did not take His own life and I as His devoted follower would never take my own life. Perish the thought and shame upon those who think it of R. M. Lamb, if there be such persons.

7. The prospect for R.M. Lamb

I may not see in to the darkness nor may I tell the future. However, the danger I perceive is imminent and may go immediate soon. This proposition may be right or wrong. It cannot be proven either way. The general may go specific and the potential may impact, but this process is working itself out and the final result is still in doubt. I take the medical precautions as I have done for over 30 years and wisely so (psychiatric supervision). The result is my steady and level headed approach to my life in society. In the words of Psalm 23 …. “Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I fear no harm” and “my home the House of Yahweh as long as I live”. Thus if and when the blow is struck I am ready – let all on the other side take note. Heaven awaits me and they will condemn themselves by their misdeeds.


I have found great satisfaction in my essay writing for distribution. The interaction between the Holy Trinity and myself has been especially significant since June 2013. Before May 2013 in 38 years as a practising lawyer I had several troughs and highs yet I was sustained by my religious faith throughout my legal professional career in all its fascinating aspects. I would change nothing. I wish to conclude on a good note by wishing my readers well and thanking those who have responded to Temon Estate Limited regarding my writings. I say au revoir and until we meet again