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Holy Mass

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The ultimate Sacrifice we offer by our Priests replicating Christs lonely death on the Cross 2000 years ago in Jerusalem.


What moves me forward? Roman Catholicism yes, as I wrote in my 20/11/2016 paper (private). But the heart of Roman Catholicism is in the sacrifice of Holy Mass. What the Polish Catholics call: “Serve Christ as” meaning the Heart of Christ. This Heart is the centre of our Holy mass. That is my “engine room” which propels me forward in life. The Holy and Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on these RC altars in this mass “drives” me onwards. By receiving HC (the product of that Sacrifice on the altar) I am changed evermore and unceasingly to be a servant of the Holy Trinity. This is the RC Holy Mass at work. Either I serve this Trinity wholely or I succumb to personal foibles and proclivities.


For R.M Lamb the direct link is from Holy Mass to my Death Sentence Case. Moreover this same Mass is the foundation of my Temon Cumbrian estate which English northern estate has been the Standard for my Death Penalty Campaign since 1st June 2013. Christ does not “tell me” to argue for the principle of Hanging for murder. That would not be Christ-­like, but trite and banal. I don’t convert RC believers nor their priests to Hanging. Again this would be timeserving conduct and flattery. These Catholics find my Case (public) abhorrent by and large.


My route is to Holy Mas in the Cathedral of the Precious Blood so I may come face to face with this most Holy Sacrifice offered by these RC priests. And then consume HC. By working and praying upon that High Mass in my mind I go to the next High Mass, as do the Faithful: Catholics everywhere and so those masses gain Christian momentum for all, but within reason. I believe in the sacred power and majestic greatness of this High Mass, so Holy and true, yet still hidden and symbolic, I am not alone in such belief.


I formulated my own Death Penalty Case within my written works as I have published. The mystery is this mass which by this Holy Sacrifice, is the source of my public writings, yet this Holy mass does not dictate this Death Sentence Case to me as the Solicitor does to his legal Secretary. Blessed Cardinal Newman spoke of the dictates of one’s conscience on faith and morals and he wrote truly. I am publicly arguing a politically moral case for Judicial Hanging for some murderers. My conscience firmly dictates that course of action to RM Lamb but not as the solicitor commands his secretary. I say the Holy Trinity leaves this up to RM Lamb, yet that same Three Persons in One guides me to make up my own mind to choose how best to argue this vital moral case. For which I have so much support amongst the people of our land. You will never break open the secret: Holy Mass to Richard M Lambs mind and heart, then to his writings/actions, then to the world outside. It is mystery itself, built on intelligent argument nevertheless. What is the message? The people who were in darkness have seen a great light! (The Gospel of St.Matthew).

22nd January 2017
RM Lamb, Temon Estate, London SW1
RM Lamb esq.