The Obituary of Monsignor Lamb (Joseph Cuthbert)

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From Glasgow Observer (Scottish Catholic Herald)
Friday, September 25th 1964
An old friend pays tribute to Mgr. Lamb (Joseph Cuthbert)

God's purpose is frequently inscrutable when He takes to Himself someone who is doing great work for the Church at a time when he has yet apparently, to achieve his maximum influence. This is certainly the case with Mgr. Christopher Lamb who died suddenly last week. As Vice-Rector of the Beda he did work of the greatest importance in that pontifical college for late vocations. He formed an ideal link between Mgr.Duchemin and the present Rector Mgr.Curtin. Christopher Lamb came to the Beda as a student immediately after the last war. A barrister before hostilities began, he had a good war record, serving with the rank of Major in the Border Regiment being on Field Marshal Montgomery's staff in Normandy; he was mentioned in dispatches.

He was without any doubt the most popular student of his time. His quiet charm, deep spiritually and exquisite charity were qualities which endeared him to his fellow students and were later to serve him well as Vice Rector of his Roman alma mater. He was a man of wide culture with very definite views on the role of the Catholic Church in this country. Long before the word ecumenical came to have its present meaning he had a positive and friendly attitude towards non-Catholics many of whom he numbered among his friends.


To be Christopher Lamb's friend was a rewarding and enriching experience.
He gave so much and asked so little in return. He had considerable influence over young priests in whose company he was always happy, and whose ideas he encouraged and nurtured.
The fact that the Bishop of Lancaster flew home from the Council in Rome to be present at the Requiem Mass in the Church of Mary and St. Joseph, Carlisle, is evidence of the high esteem and affection all who knew him had for Mgr. Lamb He was a holy priest and a most lovable man.
He lies in the graveyard of the little Church of Our Lady and St. Wilfrid. Warwick Bridge amid the beautiful country of the fells which he loved so much.
May he rest in peace.


Copied by R.M Lamb
On 26/10/2016

Nov 2nd 2016
All Souls Day

Re: Christopher Lamb

Died 17/9/1964
The Monsignors Obituary enclosed

The Obit by an unnamed writer written when I was 12 years old sheds an interesting light upon my uncle. He preferred Christopher to his Baptismal names. A man and a priest of true Lamb Family calibre whom I, for one, will always remember with great affection: his oldest nephew.

R.M Lamb