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Pius Xii and Monsignor J.C Lamb

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The story of the authority of this Pope of Rome and an English Priest RC. Formerly a major in our World War II Army who fought in May 1940 France against the Wehrmacht of Hitler: the Dictator.


The Total war 1939-­45 (and the run up period 1933-­39) had created a terrible maelstrom never seen before or since. Such Total War and persecution will not recur I believe sincerely. Pius XII’s Papacy (1939-­58) and his time in the 1930’s in Germany straddled this chaotic state of affairs so unchristian and anti-­Christ and its aftermath. (1945-­58)


His teaching and practise of the offering of Holy Mass in Rome and Germany during this period of his reign and before went to the heart of opposing these (opponents of the light”) and then restoring the Christian religious bearing and image of Europe from 1945-­58 (that stature and image had been shattered by the two world wars). Yes, this Pius XII was a good teacher as Christ Himself before was the Great Teacher and I have written. Look at St.Maria Goretti and the Glorious Assumption declared both in 1950.


The word “instituted” correctly describes the “instructing” of Holy Mass and the “educating” and “training” arm of Pius XII (in my No.92 essay) under his papacy in the wartime and post-­war period. His priests (RC) were instructed to offer Holy Mass and so trained and educated during this time. e.g: Monsignor J.C. Lamb: Vice-­Rector Beda Collegio Pontifico in Rome and ordained in 1947 in Rome by Pius XII (having trained at the Beda 1945-­47) (born 1909) and elevated by this PIUS XII to teach at this Beda in 1948/then by Pius XII: Vice-­rector with the Roman distinction: Monsignor. (and honour). Yes, Pius XII instituted and (ordained) this mass in to my uncle by ordaining him priest (RC) in 1947. “Institute” has the meaning of “ordain” in this dictionary I refer to. (To be a monsignor under PIUS XII made him very close to this Roman Pope of a Rome family.)


I am no priest and never will be nor ever have been. I have not been ordained but my uncle the monsignor offered mass in England and Rome several times for me and gave me HC himself the once in Mass. He “ordained” me thereby for the life path RC I would follow. His legacy to me of the Temon Estate was his reward and power to Richard his nephew (with the Lamb venerated Crucifix from R.W Lamb esq his grand father) both with his brother’s RA Lamb’s approval and confirmation. Yet this reward came to me very early aged 12 years in 1964 and I would wait for 45 years, nay 48 years, for it to be fully fruit bearing in 2012 (sept) when as Senior Officer I was aged 60 years. The monsignor had faith in me and he was correct to place that trust in me. He died 17/9/1964. My mother: Mrs D.M Lamb (died 12/6/2015) and my spouse: Mrs A M Lamb who lives on have both honoured this Monsignor J.C.Lamb and ensured I have fulfilled the role laid down for me by Christ Himself – as first expressed for me by Major R.A.Lamb and this Monsignor, I the oldest Lamb nephew of this Roman Catholic Priest, so brave.

6th January 2017
RM Lamb, Temon Estate, London SW1