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Post War Germany Adenauer

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From these two World Wars Germany has been delivered economically but not spiritually in her soul, nor has she been sanctified since 1945.

1. Chancellor Adenauer

Chancellor Adenauer (Konrad) was the phoenix rising from the ashes as the Western powers relinquished control of Germany to the new Bundes republic. The German Democratic Republic (GDR) emerged in the East under satellite Soviet status and very grim at that. Germany had been divided in two and that was a direct consequence of the allies advance to the Red Armies’ territorial limits of occupation in 1945. Neither side gave any ground. The Cold War was full on. West Germany went massively for economic growth whilst the East languished under Soviet dominance.

2. 1945-1989 Years:

In its first forty five years the Chancellors of the Bundes republic built a strong economic base on manufacturing industry, financial companies and banks, democracy with proportional representation, the Common Market and then the European Union, Human Rights legislation and above all political consensus. The windfall came of a united Germany East and West in 1989 – when the Iron curtain was raised for good. Yet the run down state of Eastern Germany cost the Western part dear. However West Germany had the wealth to rejuvenate the German East and it was duly done. It was all Germany now. Western Germany’s armed forces were harnessed to NATO alone since the war – national service ended not long after 2000 in Western Germany. She had no navy – her fighter aircraft (Star fighters) were unreliable and her land forces were effectively under Anglo/ American command. Nuclear weapons aimed at Warsaw Pact (Soviets) Divisions were American controlled. The Bundeswehr (German Army) had no nuclear capability. All these Anglo/ American troops and material were on German soil. Germany raised no complaint with the national and political status quo pre- 1989 and post 1989.

3. The Modern Germany

It has been Germany’s hallmark to befriend the French and her President since Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Chancellor Angel Merkel’s days and probably before. Why? Because Germany has needed an ally at the heart of Europe to drive its EU strategy and the Euro Currency. What are the aims of modern Germany? To sustain the EU and Euro at all costs and she has practically made some states her economic satellites such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland even, may be, Italy. What is her strategy? To formulate a powerful manufacturing industry to support her Banks, the EU structures and the Euro itself. Clearly Germany is top dog in the Union and fights any secession as Lincoln did in the USA in the 1860’s. Her power would be greatly weakened if the precedent of secession was set by any country and therefore Berlin does all in her power to oppose seceding nation’s e.g. Greece. The EU is an empire in disguise as some have said. The Mother Country and the Empires builders are Germany and the Germans. Has Germany’s EU planning delivered the goods for Germany? To a large extent yes! German hegemony in Europe is based on her monetary policy and strength (political and economic) within the EU. From the EU Germany will go out to represent that Union abroad. She will manage the EU from within.

4. Why do I write on the economic history of Germany and her position in Europe?

Because I am interested in the individual psychology of German men today in the context of two dreadful Word Wars and the Holocaust itself. We cannot understand that psychology by ignoring post war Germany since 1945. The fact is the Germans have a great chip on their shoulders and enormous inferiority complex over these two World Wars. They started and prosecuted and lost both World Wars dismally with six million Jews who were wantonly gassed in the Camps in World War II. Clearly any German even now has a lot to answer for. They belong to the nation who carried out these warlike offensives and grossly inhumane policies of genocide. A nation carries within its soul the stain of the terrible misdeeds of its past. It simply cannot make those grave wrongful acts disappear. The Germans have to carry these sins within the German nation and each German for a long time to come. Even with a woman leader you are bound. They wish to bury this appalling catalogue of inflicted inhumanity and misery under a superficial sorrow, a little monetary compensation to Jewish families who suffered, their version it was the Nazi criminals who carried out the extermination policy and devised it; their good record since 1945 and Germany’s post war economic success story, providing finance in the EU. We are left with a severely maladjusted Nation State at the heart of Europe skating on thin ice morally and psychologically yet this Nation state wields substantial economic even political clout. No one can enter the German psyche post 2000 – only they can penetrate their deepest subconscious but deep it surely is and unplumbed and not charted it remains.

5. The Union

Whereas Lincoln had the moral high ground without doubt in the 1860’s in the USA the present German leadership does not have that advantage (save superficially) due to their fractured ethical and mental structures caused by their atrocious war record 1900-1945 (both wars within 50 years of each other). The South in the Civil War declared for slavery and secession and the southern states left the USA in the 1860’s. The North and the Union held firm and their leader Lincoln won the day in 1866. I am driven to argue our Westminster Parliament should take us out of the Union to reclaim the High ground for England and Wales in Europe and the World, including across the Atlantic. Germany must be given a reminder thereby of her extremely parlous state regarding her 20th Century story to 1945. Present day Germans do not face up to the truth in their history since 1900-1945 and we as a victorious belligerent in those two World Wars should reflect that state of denial back to Berlin and others. Britain must deploy all her resources to achieve these ends, particularly to reclaim the High Ground for London and Westminster over Brussels and Berlin. We should in explication secede from the EU and fulfil the telling cause of freedom as Lincoln did for the slaves in the 1860’s USA. Equality and fraternity are based on liberty. It is those three values which are missing at the heart of 21st Century Europe. England must take the lead

6. Conclusion

Germany lacks soul – indeed the same could be said of several continental countries. The issue is how to tackle that restlessness and soullessness? Simply do not go with it. Believe in yourself and these national politics for England and Wales who remain united regarding the EU. As regards the Union follow your conscience. If you really support Brussels follow your conviction through and work for a better run Union (there seem to be precious few ordinary English and Welsh working in Brussels and Strasbourg). If you are against the Union, as I am, do as the Southern States did in the 1860’s and have the courage to declare for secession and the Confederacy and do it early. Yes the confederacy had hard economic times following secession. If you declare for the EU you may do as some States along the Mason/ Dixon line declared for the Union in the USA in the 1860’s. But you will not have President Abraham Lincoln to console you at a mythical, pyrrhic and victorious Gettysburg (1866) (his Gettysburg address). Now the boot is on the other foot – the call for liberty is to secede and the call for the Union is to be shackled by the EU. There is no doubt Lincoln would opt to declare for freedom and to secede. I have done so. There is no oppression in England and Wales and within her Parliamentary monarchy. Do not be blinded by the trees. Perceive the wood, I urge upon you reader.

7. Message for Modern Germany

Take note. Yes take note of my argument and its conclusion. Germany will decide the course of its own future as it decided the course of its own past. The lessons are learned – it is application which must be proved. Germany can do it with the will within her for all the countries of the EU and thereby exorcise the ghosts of her past. That is life and death for modern Allemande. We are with the good and new Germans in spirit. A free Germany will prevail, I say. Liberate the peoples of Europe and the nations who fought at Leipzig in 1813 (The Battle of Nations).