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President Kennedy and Psychology of Character Assassination

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Character assassinations upon those who have played a part in our public life or those who are presently living in our world.


Kennedy was greatly admired in 1961-63 in his Presidency. Mourned in 1963-65 in his death. He was elected November 1960 and served January 1961 to 22nd November 1963 a young President who succeeded Dwight Eisenhower (lke) Commander of US Forces in Northern Europe 1944-45 campaign. Kennedy had a prestigious background his father: Ambassador to U.K. Kennedy (JFK) lead charge for his family and American generation in 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. He was killed in action (not military) in Dallas, Texas 22nd November 1963. (St Cecilia’s Day).


After his death the Warren Commission did not get to the truth of the matter as the US Congress realised. When a public man dies in the modern media era it may become a free for all in every sense. Gradually the media purveyed the insidious idea JFK was a philanderer – no sign of that on Jackie Kennedy’s face or her husband’s during their married life (they were apparently quiet contented unlike the Prince and Princess of Wales before the Princess separated from the Prince). She was also greatly loved in life and death despite her troubles.


No one is perfect and we don’t live in a perfect world.


What is achieved by besmirching JFK’s character and likewise Jimmy Savile’s and that of Prince Charles (alive)? Simply nothing but the gutter snipe press and publicists are shown for what they are lamentable no thinks.


The truth as we know is far greater than anyone’s mind and perception. It is likely the character assassination of Savile has no merit and certainly the denigration of Kennedy is tasteless and without proper factual analysis. There has been no Court case for certain. Jackie sensibly did not join in and was buried alongside her beloved JFK who she tried to protect and save in daylight on 22nd November 1963 in sniper fire in Dallas Texas. Without doubt she was a brave woman- actions speak louder than words.


Savile was a good chap but the mass mania, the toppling of the dominoes one by one and the avarice coupled with the silence (ominous) in Savile’s lifetime does not bode well for a fair trial. I know little of him but we should not speak ill of the dead. As we all know once these investigations begin on this scale and with charges they are very difficult to stop. Any reasoned voice is drowned out. Woe betide the poor accused.


Prince Charles has wisely not tried to defend himself from the systematic dismantling of his good character by parts of the media. There is no obligation on his Royal Highness to do so – he has a proper and very important job to do and should not be deflected by the gutter press. Why should he give his accusers the credibility they do not deserve by addressing their base allegations true or false (the accusations related to the private domain not the public and therefore should not have been ventilated in the media).


Thorpe also was the victim of an obsessive journalistic witch hunt in the press particularly in the 1970’s to his trial in 1979. The essence of these matters is that veracity is sacrificed not on the altar of the supremacy of responsible freedom of speech but on the altar table of what the media say is right and you had better believe that media’s voice. I say simply wrong. Truth has no meaning and power without honour. Even Pilate Governor of Palestine said to Christ what is the truth before condemning Him to death – on the cross at Jerusalem.



Truth cannot be nailed to the cross – it is at the essence of our sincerity and lives. Without love we are nothing. We must love the Lord our God with all our strength first and our neighbour second. Love bears all things even lies (St Paul). It does not deal in lies yet it is lied about (Kipling). Thus we essentially follow the way, the truth and the Life to God through Jesus. There is no other way certainly not the path of the media and their character assassinations which can never be right. It is not the bare bones that count like the whitened bones of the Maccabees – they are ossified. It is the flesh on the bones and above all the Holy Spirit. Let us face those who deny these thoughts and beliefs with the equanimity of Christ. They shall not pass as Churchill P.M. said to us. As Ralph May uttered to RM. Lamb esq in summer 2012 “in humility and charity”. The arrogance of the world-wide media will be made accountable to Christ the Judge.

N.B. I have also seen the very unattractive and unpleasant sights of character assassination in the Crown Court and County Court and Family Proceedings Court – truly “shame upon him/her who thinks evil of another”. (Honi soit qui may y pense) as my mother instructed me in every Court in England and Wales.