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The Real Rule of Law


By chance encounter on 25 July 2018 in London I meet a Lebanese and expostulate to him my discretionary death sentence for murder case and I show him the image on my capital punishment essay of 2/7/2013. What is his response? I mean the Rule of Law he utters. Yes, I say, there is no Rule of Law for England and Wales without the Death Sentence for Murder. He agrees to that: this perceptive Arab temporarily in London residing and fluent in English Spoken.


What is more, I consider, if there is no Rule of Law our Judges are made to look like “wimps” which in truth they most certainly are not in their essence. Judicial.


What do I derive from this startling interaction? The courage to face this deplorable state of affairs and restore hanging is fundamentally called for in all the English and Welsh, particularly by our leaders and Judges of Her Majesty’s courts. It can only be done by strong political will coupled to firm Judicial support. Nothing less will suffice. My case is well read here in our Jurisdiction of England and Wales, I am sure. I am confident yes, but I still recognise it is a rocky path for us all, I write to share this interaction: English moral political writer to Lebanese citizen which I find so illustrative for my Death Sentence case.

Temon Estate, Dartford
R.M. Lamb