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  • 208. Role of the Senior Officier dans la Grande Armee de Christ

What is the Role of the Senior “Officier dans la Grande Armée de Christ”?

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


This unusual concept is demanded by the appalling conditions we live alongside namely unruly and tumultuous persons who have no understanding of our justice in its most powerful and meaningful sense.

1. Introduction

I have referred to this rank and post in several recent essays of mine issued since 1 May 2015. I say at the outset I consider I do hold this Senior “Officier” status to which I first laid claim in my 23 June 2013 English Roman Catholic Church essay. I have come a long way since then as those who know me will tell you. Clearly I am not referring to conventional military command nor the “Sally Army” if they, in that esteemed Army, will excuse the nickname. My concept of this “Officier’s” task is the very opposite of controlling, officious and dictatorial. Rather I envisage exhortation and coaxing others I concede. It is up to each individual under my “command” moral to decide for themselves at each step of the way if they will follow my lead. But lead I will or I would dishonour the “command” I have been given.

2. The Command

Yes it is a command, have no doubt, and I know this is understood by many or I would be taken care of on a hospital ward. It is not an Earthly office like the Attorney-General or priest or a professorship. It is a fact I live thank God so this command lives in me R.M. Lamb Esq. but it is not personal to me. It is not a command in Heaven either. I believe I had predecessors and I will have a successor or the “command” would be worthless. Yes my career has been in the Law and that profession is governed by the Judges and Senior Advocates. I have been an Advocate in law and since 1 June 2013 I have become a moralist in my short essays, all released on Kindle, now totalling 207 and still going.

The command is thus to encourage, elucidate and to clarify for myself and my readers. Like it or not my confidence has been boosted by the heights of insight and understanding I have achieved in these essays. I never thought in June 2013 I would go so far, yet I made my claims in that 23 June 2013 essay which has proved long lasting, particularly in my essays since 1 November 2014. These essays are my claim to this “Officier de la plus haute classe” status. You will only comprehend this Senior “Officier” concept in my essays I am bound to say. I formed the vision of this “Officier” in the start of my essays released. It is down to R.M. Lamb alone this belief overt and it must be understood through these essays or not at all.

No one else has come near me on this idea save General Booth. I do not bring salvation only the opening of eyes and thereby those individuals may believe for themselves and in themselves. I wish them to believe what is right of whatever religion or indeed none at all. I do not convert.

3. The Nature of this Command Further Examined

The essence lies in the tiny mustard seed and the shrub of such extent which emerges from that seed with the birds nesting within it. This equates to each individual and his or her character and personality developing and growing on Earth. I speak not of myself but of my sincere desire those who read my essays will so flourish. Religion is unimportant, what matters is the progress I may enhance on Earth to this personal goal in each essay: R.M. Lamb and the reader. The command lies ultimately above me or it would not be “Christ’s Grande Armée” I agree. But my rank as “Officier” is not like the Major in the British Army, it is rather he who opens the door and “pulls back the curtains” to show the enemies of Christ as I wrote in my 23 June 2013 essay. That is not officious, but persuasive in the proper sense of delivering the truth.

I am no preacher and my polemicism liberates, it does not order about or lord it over others. I have borrowed the military language yes, but to discipline myself, Christ will do the rest. I do command by the commanding vision of Christ I concede. Christ does not boss his people about and nor therefore do I.

4. The Meaning of Christ in this Armée

In Bonaparte’s day his army was called the Grande Armee (1795-1815). What a puffed up autocrat he was and how miserable his soldiers sent to their death. I envisage Christ in direct contact with His Armée and I the Senior “Officier” as the moral writer on so many aspects of the Death Sentence and other topics. If you like I have become the channel for some who read these essays of mine to achieve resolution and direction in their lives. Yes I am of la plus haute classe in this Armée of Christ because I carry out this role of the moral advocate single handed. I am no facilitator; it has to be polemicist for R.M. Lamb. There are many who are conductors for Christ’s Word in England I readily concur. But I am the only layman who writes in my manner and with my moral message in these essays. Thus I am the Senior “Officier”. No one seeks to usurp or rival me in Christ’s Grande Armée, I am a standalone figure and therefore the Senior man and “Officier” in my time.

5. Conclusion

I should say several Senior “Officiers” in the past, one unnamed, have had a less overtly active and well argued approach to myself in this post I speak of. Yet their piety and Christian faith far exceeds mine. They have not desired to publish their writings and thoughts as I have. They have been content to be good Roman Catholics. England’s Catholicism has been emancipated since 1829. It is since then this English Roman Catholic “Officier” of Christ’s Grande Armée emerges. Thus the position of Senior “Officier” has been claimed by my Roman Catholic family of Richard Westbrook Lamb Esq. (my great grandfather) since the 1850’s, and he himself the first holder. But I believe the baton was held by a Roman Catholic layman outside our Catholic Lamb family of mine between 1964 and 2012.

My own grandfather Major Stephen Eaton Lamb (died 1927) and my uncle Monsignor J.C. Lamb (died 1964) would have both been such Senior “Officiers” in their time I believe. Thus I have good lineage: Roman Catholic and by these noted Lamb family members the status of this Senior “Officier” has been established and handed down to myself, subject to the non-family member, but he very well regarded and similarly well known. I claim my insight and Senior “Officier” position is derived from this promise made to my ancestors and kept by them, including this “Officier” not a Lamb. I now have the great honour to fulfil this highly esteemed rank on Earth as all my predecessors did. I learn from them all. Christ has put His trust in R.M. Lamb His humble “Officier” since 2012 as He did in those preceding me since 1850.

6. Postscript

The equally important aspect to all I have written herein is I will defend this case in my essays under the office and authority of this Senior “Officier” status of mine, and by the power of Christ’s Grande Armée on this planet to my dying day. Thus I am the Senior “Officier” in charge and I will defend the positions, bastions and redoubts of this Senior “Officier” as taken by Christ’s Grande Armée directly in accordance with this military analogy. I will not give an inch. These are prized gains never to be given up in any circumstances.