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Senior Officer- Analysis of Sunday

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Senior Officer: Analysis of Sunday 13/12/15 by R.M Lamb esq.

Today I think the anti-Christ is a living human person on earth with supporters in the seen and unseen worlds. He keeps us in doubt as to his true identity and vocation unlike John the Baptist in his teaching and the preaching of Jesus Christ Himself. Who leave no doubt about their positions and careers. The anti-Christ now living will live and die like R.M Lamb and all men. This anti-Christ is not one of my wider or closer family. I also have supports in the seen world and unseen as senior officer in Christs’ Army. How I will come to ‘face’ this anti-Christ is not yet clear - nor is it apparent how this anti-Christ will challenge my authority as Senior Officer in Christs’ army. The final resolution, in its manner, of this challenge is also not clear. But that challenge will most certainly be repulsed I have no doubt. I have now discerned my successor as Senior Officer da la plus haute classe. That was done out of caution and proper rule of conduct. My successor will decide his role which may be less combative than mine. His essence will be charity and humility as uttered by the previous Senior Officer Colonel Ralph May to R.M Lamb in June 2012. He died 3/9/2012 in Warwick Bridge, Cumbria. My hallmark since Ralph’s death has been battle won after battle won as Senior Officer de la plus haute classe in Christ’s earthly army. I consider my holding of this office will not go on after the year end of my 70th birthday which begins and happens on 30th March 2022. My campaigning will be done by the end of that 70th anniversary year. In all modesty. I am mortal and I will make way for my heirs and the Successor to the Senior Officer rank either in that 2022 year or earlier. I cannot decide the matter - it is out of my hands. I will expose, defeat and condemn this anti-Christ by virtue of my Senior Officer rank in Christs Army on earth. As a mere unknown and, unread by others, catholic layman, I could not have defeated this anti-Christ. My power to do so derives from the Senior Officer rank and the grace consequently channelled to me by Christ. My 23/6/2013 essay lays out my stall and plan of action with my tactics. The unmasking of the anti-Christ is “foretold” in that Catholic Church essay if truth be told. The “danger” was present then and still is now, such is the task given to me. The anti-Christ must be made to succumb or I sense he will do great harm. My brief is very difficult but I have been chosen and I will preserve to the very end- success or failure. I have the power derived from Christ as his officer and the groundswell of public support for my Death Sentence Campaign. As I have written Christ also supports this campaign to restore the Death penalty (discretionary) for murder in England and Wales. His support is my talisman and without his help I would have no chance. All things are possible with Him but not the impossible. He is my Superior Officer of the utmost calibre and quality - He is divine. With Him I cannot fail. I firmly believe that. I will go on until I prevail over this anti-Christ and his party.


He is pure evil spirit and moves invisibly between the seen and unseen - backwards and forwards. I denounce the devil and all his works and pomp and empty promises. The devil. prompts the anti-Christ to preach publicly and openly against Christ Himself. And His grande Armee. This preaching is in the form of public life. Thus as Senior earthly officer in Christs’ Armee I will rebut and repudiate this anti-Christ’s preaching. This will be my firm stand in all my essays on my website mounted since 12/11/15 approx. I will work by handwritten letters and papers to utter my denials and refutations of these falsehoods of this anti-Christ. The devil does exist in my estimation. Michael the Archangel expelled this Lucifer and all his entourage from heaven as we are taught. My middle name is Michael and my leader is Sir Michael Havers QC en ciel of my advocacy of this death Sentence cause. I am Michael in my soul and Richard by character. As a Christian I have taken the name Damien for whom I am a soldier of Christ. (the Saint of Lepers). He lived on a leper colony in mid-19th Century and died there of leprosy.

Sunday 13/12/15 - 7.30pm RM Lamb