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The Senior Officier and R.M. Lamb

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


I have moulded this role to my argued moral/political case. That is my fundamental obligation in the here and now


It is not obligatoire to believe in the Senior Officier deja plus haute classe dans la grande Armee de Christ rank and position, nor that I am the current holder of that office. Both such propositions are entirely optional and carry no religious sanction nor adverse consequence. There is no similarity to the articles of Catholic Faith in the Senior Officier thinking of RM Lamb. I am no priest nor acknowledged laymen moralist. I am admittedly an advocate for restoring the Death Sentence (discretionary) for murder and related crimes and I am in earnest, make no error. However, I endorse my essay No.198 (16/6/2015) warning not to bring denigration down on my essay No. 2 (23/6/2013). That Senior Officier rank is claimed by myself in that 23/6/13 essay for the first time and will not be relinquished under any circumstances. This office and rank really matters to RM Lamb and what is more it strengthens my Death Sentence Case in my website campaign with my Temon Cumbrian arm of Land Management in that estate.


All these holders of the Senior Officier post since RW Lamb esq (in 1850 to 1895), Major Stephen Lamb (held this office from 1895 to 1928) the Monsignor J.C Lamb (1928 – 1964) were de jure owners of the Temon Estate in Cumbria as I have been since 1964. I effectively delegated the Senior Officier role to Colonel Ralph May of Warwick Bridge, Carlisle from 1964 until his funeral on 13/9/2012. I accept this delegation was subconscious as I had not evolved the idea of this command, even in 2012.


The expostulation of the concept of this officier, so strong, came nevertheless in the 23/6/2013 essay within 9 calendar months. By then Ralph was dead and buried. He was chosen not by RM Lamb but by Heaven above and he performed this Senior Officier function/task through his great charity and humility signified by his physical stature so powerful. He and I were to come together in the period 1990-95 at latest and we were always firm friend’s wit/our spouses Angela and Bridget. We also shared a pre-1970 English Benedictive education – he in the 1940’s at Ampleforth – I at Downside in the 1960’s. We both had a strong attachment to our alma maters. He was a military man like my father Major RA Lamb, his brother the Monsignor and Stephen Lamb (Major) their father. I loved military history as Ralph did too. He knew of my priestly uncle and his three Spinster sisters, all of whom were head quartered in Cumbria – to a good extent through his spouse Bridget. Heaven did not err in choosing Ralph May (Colonel) to act in my place during my years of the boy Richard at 12 years (1964) to my 60th year in 2012 – a period of 48 years.


When this Ralph died I was ready to assume this rank and what is more publicly declare it as mine to hold and exercise. This had never been done before. Heaven does not leave such matters to chance. The Holy Trinity had to be sure I was fit for this office and command. Let others be the Judges of whether this Invisible Trinity so Holy (Three Persons in One) got it right. I am confident the people of England will “not vote” me down. But RM Lamb is no orator Hunt! Take note! This Senior Officier will never hold political office nor ecclesiastical nor legal nor military in my time. (See my No.208 Senior Officier essay of 28/7/2015)

Final Word


We come back to the Temon Cumbria, RM Lamb’s writings and his Death Penalty case all three aspects unified in RM Lamb’s Senior Officier status. Thus I have created the character of my Senior Officier command in these three features and driven though the various policies since 13//9/2012 (Ralph’s Warwick Bridge, Cumbria funeral date) to considerable achievement and good effect though I say it myself. I do not rest on my laurels but press on to the next engagement. “The Light shines forth from the Citadel” (Matthew’s Gospel).

Sunday 5/2/2017
Temon Estate at London SW8
R.M. Lamb