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Sir Richard Sykes – Our Ambassador so noble

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Why O Why are we so weak willed! Our forefathers would rue the day we became so distracted from true Justice and Judicial essence pure.

Sir Richard Sykes our Ambassador to Holland and the story of International Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague; Netherlands (1980-­‐2017).


Sir Richard was assassinated with hand guns fired by two Irish Republican terrorists on Dutch soil pre – 2000 on a date between 1980 and 1995 I believe.


Many Irish Nationalist terrorists sheltered in Holland in those years. The Dutch Courts regarded their terrorists as politically motivated by a legitimate anti-­‐ British grievance and thus the Dutch Judges looked at their terrorist actions as excusable. Dutch Criminal terrorists permitted many of these Irish Republican terrorists to remain at liberty on Dutch soil until The Good Friday (2000) Accords bought freedom in the UK and no more prosecutions for these terrorists. Effectively these Dutch Criminal courts were a thorn in the side of our own Criminal “justice” in London and Belfast. From 1980 to 2000.


The International Criminal Court at The Hague: Netherlands. It would have done no good to try these Irish Republicans for murders before this court: if that court had accepted such cases. I speak of the morality of this International Court, not the legal niceties. Essentially this court is a “show court” designed to appease the Human Rights” activists-­‐so vocal and widespread. These activists permit no lively Pro Death Sentence polemic for crimes against humanity tried in this International Criminal Court. Their polemicists for Human Rights reign supreme and they will accept no hangings at all in theory or practise. In truly moral terms trials in this Hague Court have proved to be publicity seeking for the prosecutors at the ends of these trials and verbose during their course. I suspect argumentative sophistry and pretence by these prosecutors who will not call “a spade a spade” and demand the Death Penalty (for legal reasons partly beyond their control admittedly) these proceedings border on farce for such extremely serious mass murders. Clearly all these crimes against humanity demand the Death Penalty in true morality, but this International Court has no power to sentence to death, whatsoever.


Sir Richard Sykes revisited his murder was committed in broad daylight and close up: here again for these two accused of killing him the morally correct result on conviction was the Death Sentence. No court (Criminal) in Holland, England or Belfast could then pre-­‐2000 period deliver that result. Sir Richard was going about his ambassadorial duties on Dutch soil as the representative of our Crown and her diplomatic service when he was cruelly murdered (with planning) in cold blood. I say now in 2017/18 may we English and Welsh not rest until we have restored discretionary Capital Punishment for murder to the powers of our high Court Judiciary.

10th Dec 2017
Temon Estate, Dartford
R.M Lamb