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Temon Buried treasure

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Let us secure our inheritance hidden and then purchase the field it is buried in at the cost of all we have.

A paper by R.M Lamb Esq following his visit to Cumbria from 16/08/2017 to 23/08/2017 regarding his Temon Estate of 568 acres standing written up on 25th August 2017:

From: Temon Estate
Crown House


I sold my Wiltshire interests over 201/2011/2012 to secure this Temon Estate in my ownership as I wrote in 2016. The Temon sales were 2012 with Lodges Farm sale 2014. The published kindle essays began on 1st June 2013 approx and went through to 31st October 2015 when the website: R.M. Lamb was constructed. Still functioning.


These Wiltshire and Cumbrian sales embedded this Cumbrian Temon title and domain in my ownership. I disentailed the Temon finally in April 2012 from the Monsignor J. C. Lamb strict settlement to perfect my Temon legal title once and for all.


Why were these sales required? The answer is to protect this precious Temon of mine from the courts, the tribunals, solicitors, administrators, creditors and other predatory persons. My solicitor’s practise closed having been loss-­‐making for several years (mainly family legal aid). The successor Temon Estate Ltd was no better. Moreover the Temon sole trader lost money from 1st October 2014 to 2nd November 2015 when I shed my staff and took personal control. Richard’s liquid cash was my way to gain time and composure in this orderly retreat and succession. Thus in one sense I “bought” these Temon lands for myself in perpetuity with these sale proceeds.


In argue by these sales of land and interests in and my application of those proceeds of sale I gained this Temon should not be despised. Without my prompt and wise decisions to sell and utilise these monies make no error the Temon would have been taken away from Richard.


I say I have “purchased” the remaining Temon “fields” I have owned since 1964 for the highly sought after “treasure” buried within them.


What is this “treasure”? The answer is my 236 website essays and later works all written since 1st June 2013. Yes my death sentence case was this “treasure” and remains such. Richard’s character so bold has made this connection: hanging and my Temon Estate and the bond will never be cast asunder.

25th August 2017
Temon Estate, R.M Lamb