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  • 177. The Choice Before Us - Capital Punishment or Nihilism

The Choice Before Us: Capital Punishment or Nihilism

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The Choice

Do we elect to secure the future of our Country And maybe the World itself?


Do we weakly give in to the noisy clamour Of those who do not truly honour human life?

1) Introduction

I argue the present non-Capital Punishment regime for murder here, and in so many countries abroad, is not only vacant but indecisive and weakening. We have tried this non-Death Sentence status quo since 1968 and one stumble has lead to another in the accession to the EU, and then the final collapse in to the ECHR being incorporated into our constitutional framework. We should now recognise the cause of this failed experiment with the European idea has been the abolition of the Death Penalty itself. You can afford one such mistake with the life of our Country by not persevering with it too long. It would be worse than careless verging on reckless to not rectify this error now.

2) My Polemic

The trainers used to say give that nag or horse “a run” over the jumps or on the flat to test its worth and stamina as a racehorse. This you cannot do with the final penalty. Foolishly the choice was made with the mood in the Commons under Wilson in the 1960’s to see if our Criminal Justice would be made more just by abolition. Why do I say it has failed? Because respect for Criminal Justice has plummeted since 1968 and the end of the Death Sentence regime. There is precious little gravitas left in our society, and virtually every life sentenced murderer knows if he plays his cards right he will finally be released, even if he has a long wait. Viz: Harry Roberts now released - triple police officers murderer, and Kenneth Noye convicted murderer and twice tried for separate murders who may be released in the next twelve months. Thus the strength of our criminal justice has been sapped by these glaring injustices in the eyes of ordinary people. I write truly - don’t deceive yourself.

3) My Further Extrapolation

Yes I say you should not pick up and give the Death Sentence “a try”. It should not be a game of ping pong. You either achieve consensus and restore the Death Sentence by leaving the EU and taking down the Rights Act edifice in the next 5-10 years once and for all, or you forget about the idea altogether. The issue cannot be left to smoulder it must be put out finally, or the fire must be ignited to burn as the eternal flame of justice in England and Wales. Whether other countries take up the torch is a matter for them. We will no doubt support them whether they follow our example or not, as friends always do. There can be no more experiments with our Criminal Justice. This is the last chance for the new Capital Punishment regime I speak of. The choice is momentous for our Country and for us to err would be catastrophic I argue.

My case is built upon truth and sincerity or it is nothing. The choice must be made absolutely clear to Parliament and then the Country. Once Parliament as a body backs going to the people for a mandate on these tripartite policies - Secession, Repeal of the ECHR and restoration of the Death Penalty, the way will be made clear. If there is no cross party consensus under the Fixed Term Parliament Act (2010) then forget it, the matter will be finished forever. We cannot have a never ending debate about the Death Sentence. If the Death Sentence case does not prevail over this 5-10 year time span my pen will be cast aside and my voice will fall silent. Thus I will say 7th May 2025 will be the crucial date.

4) What is holding up the arrival of this consensus for the Death Penalty?

Everyone knows the arguments and the horrific murderers who appear in our Crown Courts. I ask how many more do we fail to bring to justice. A lot depends upon trusting our Judges, the police, the DPP and the Crown Prosecution Service who sift these cases. I also urge you to trust the eye witness and the expert or you will strangle our Criminal Trial process. The true solemnity of a Capital Trial may be tarnished by false evidence I concede. We may only believe in each other in life or there is no justice or compassion. I argue with a fair minded Judge (no jury) the murderer’s conviction in the 21st Century in England and Wales will not only be sustainable, but in accordance with the highest judicial values.


We have been engaged in this modern Death Sentence Criminal Justice since at least 1900 and the reign of Queen Victoria. English justice was widely regarded and practised in our Empire and later by our former colonies, and that includes the most important cases namely: Capital trials. Somehow we seem to have slipped and forgotten the greatness of our English and Welsh Criminal Justice process. We are now at a crossroads. Do we take the role of the lightweight or do we deliver the punches of the heavyweight as I have outlined herein and often before? This is the moment for the knockout blow. We are not planning to go the distance to 2025. Boxing is all about the K.O. not the win on points. The Death Sentence issue deserves that sort of contest. Either the protagonist for the ultimate sentence is knocked to the canvas and the Referee counts him out, or those for the status quo hit that canvas and are unable to beat the count. I write figuratively I admit.

6) Conclusion

If we believe in the sheer appalling gravity of sin - indeed mortal sin - in the crime of murder how may we ever argue for a lesser penalty than hanging: It is the premeditated murder in cold blood of a man, woman or child, and the sentence has to be the Final penalty. Otherwise we weaken at the knees and open ourselves up to specious, dissembling and false arguments. Criminal Justice will then be impoverished and unable to deliver the goods in our Courts. The passage to anarchy will be found under our very noses. If we abhor the crime of premeditated killing i.e. murder then there is only one answer: That abhorrence must lead to the demand for the sentence of death for murder convicts. Otherwise we become charlatans and we play with the murder trial process. God forbid we should be so crassly stupid.