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The Clintons

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The lesson of the Clintons: Stay bonded but keep stum.


Bill and Hillary and their only child Chelsea have loomed large in the USA Presidential political scene since more than thirty years ago: Democrats like Jimmy Carter and like him from the South - this time Arkansas, or was that State more properly declared for Lincoln’s Union Party. I know little of their politics and far too much of the Lewinsky affair which severely imperilled Bill’s Presidency. Hillary now stands herself for the Democratic nomination. I wish her well - she has many supporters.

2. What has USA Presidential politics become?

Like England and Wales do not disturb the establishment’s hold on the levers of power. Will Hillary change this approach? I am afraid the answer is no. Will she send men in to battle? She has the armed forces to deploy and put into action. I doubt she will have the will power to commit them to battle. There is no point being the Commander in Chief of these Services: men and women of America, if you will not give them the order to deploy and fire in the knowledge not all battles may be won. She appears to fail the visibility test of fighting talk and action. Johnson (Democrat) taught this lesson but was prepared to risk his reputation for the USA in Vietnam. He won a landslide for the Presidency in 1964. Why? Because he was a strong President of the USA and wished to make sure the USA did not “shrink” in the best metaphysical sense.

3. Hillary

Stands for her policies but ultimately the test will be: can she deliver on foreign policy? That has been the case for every President since the war. America leads the free world - her constituency will be the community of nations and I emphasise: nations. We all believe in the Nation State even in the EU - you cannot forcibly submerge that independent national spirit. World Government is simply off the cards. The United Nations Organization will never deliver peace without the Anglo-American alliance as post-war history has shown. Vietnam - Wilson would not back. Johnson had to go it alone - do not forget his example and leadership. It must be London and Washington DC together or no real impetus from the West. Will Hillary engender the same proper fury which LBJ did out of complacency? I strongly doubt it - however good her credentials on paper.

You do not become the US President to sit in the Oval Office reading official papers, let others do that for you. Concentrate on the power of leadership born of inspiration, not the endless litany of fact after fact. Hillary will be sworn and paid to serve America come what may and thereby construct international consensus and equally important the domestic push for that foreign policy of her Presidency.

4. The Monica Lewinsky Affair in Bill’s Presidency.

This was Bill, not Hillary, and she nobly did not go against her husband, despite the great embarrassment caused to her and Bill. She desired her marital union to persist - a very worthy aim. Her husband dragged the Clinton name through the mud. I have my misgivings about Bill and thus with Hillary who did not exert the proper influence over her husband’s conduct after the scandal surfaced. Husbands and wives act together whatever their views and declared or undeclared actions. Clearly Bill and Hillary did act in unison over the aftermath of this terrible, but clearly true slight on Bill’s Presidential character. Hillary did not secure the honourable result. Either Bill admitted his misdeed in the course of the protracted scandal or indeed pre-empted the scandal by coming out with it early on, or simply stood down after the dreadful shambles he created in his refusal to admit his wrong doing. Hillary now will potentially come to power in the knowledge her husband never “faced the music” and responded to reality. She is not fortified in her present challenge by her weakness of permitting her husband, a lame duck, to remain in office. The test of her marital counsel to Bill in his Term in Office reveals a hidden hollow side to their marriage which does not bode well for her future Presidency. The truth is Hillary did not truly deliver on Bill, and he was and is the closest man or woman to her.

5. Conclusion

I firmly believe in American politics, criminal justice, and her military arm with her diplomatic sword. They are all linked and I will always defend those links in the chain of US history going back to their great American Civil War in the 1860’s contested on the slavery and secession principle against the abolition and Union precept. Those days have gone, but the USA people believe in principle to this day, not gossip and scurrilous innuendo. Lewinsky was truthful - that is established. We would rather not have had it but we have to live with it. The USA must choose the President to succeed Obama - May the best candidate prevail and emerge to lead the only Nation morally capable of speaking with the voice of Christian compassion in the ultimate sense, if not securing peace worldwide in its entirety.

We live to serve not to be served. The USA has done it time and again since the war: The Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover her peace initiatives have succeeded one after the other. The USA deserves a medal and a President fit for the Office. They will get that President because America does not lie. When you wake America as Japan and Hitler did in World War II, she must stay alert for the sake of all who depend on her and more besides. God bless America!