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  • 147. The Evolutionist Theory and Catholic Moral Thinking on the Creation of Mankind

The Evolutionist Theory and Catholic Moral Thinking on the Creation of Mankind

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The Roman Catholic analysis of this theory and its resulting weaknesses exposed.

1. Introduction

It has almost become universally accepted wisdom amongst Western academics that Darwin discovered the secret of Homo sapiens in the mid 19th Century in his researches and travels. Darwin claimed that the thinking and self-conscious modern man evolved in stages from the mindless ape, now incapable of self-consciousness over a process lasting millions of years. Even Christian writers appear to have swallowed Darwin’s theory in the contemporary 21st Century. Darwin has conquered all before him.

The Garden of Eden Biblical story is simply relegated to nursery rhyme status.
The Genesis story of creation is not given the light of day.

2. Why do I Challenge Evolutionism?

Because I believe it is misconceived and runs contrary to Roman Catholic moral teaching. Catholicism teaches the doctrine of the undying soul and Baptism to the life eternal in Christ’s Resurrection – once and for all.

Traditionally Catholics believed in the allegorical nature of the story of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve, but do they any longer? The story in the Book of Genesis of the creation of man and woman is thought imaginary and should not be interpreted even by allegory. Adam and Eve is subject to the same regime. The literal interpretation of this story of creation and the Garden of Eden cannot be proved evidentially, as with the Old Testament histories also. However, if you attribute no proper meaning to the Adam and Eve account, you will seriously jeopardise your own faith in our Creator. Treat the Garden of Eden with due respect and honour, however unfashionable it may be to do so. The story, and legendary it is, will always be in our revered Old Testament thanks to the believers in Moses and his predecessors. Let no Christian forget, there is great solace in Adam and Eve and their Garden.

3. Adam and Eve’s History

This teaches the relationship of man to God the Father and above all the meaning of sin. They could not say sorry to God but were ashamed of themselves and hid from our Creator. The ultimate God the Father found them out in this Garden of Eden. Running through this entire version regarding Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis is the concept of self consciousness and being ashamed. These innately human characteristics flow from the sin of Adam and Eve and were always implicit within them. Shame is what distinguishes the wrongful man or woman from the good man or woman. It is built on the self-conscious individual, as we know him and her, and belief in sorrow through conscience.

4. The Animal and Man

Yes we do have similarities: eating and drinking, movement, ferocity, sleep and rearing young. Fundamentally an animal is not self-conscious or capable of shame and sorrow and self-examination. It will not pray or believe in God. I argue and animal has no eternal soul, but horses, dogs and lions for example may be tamed and trained. Therefore, the moral gulf between man and his best friend the horse is still vast and not capable of being bridged. Man has the upper hand and what is more he dictates the tune on account of the lesser place of animals in the order of creation, and that man is conscience driven unlike animals.
Fortunately now all human life is valued unlike in previous centuries and ages. This triumph of liberté, égalité and fraternité has reinforced the truth of Catholic morality that only man may rule our world and planet and practise religion: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam with Hinduism and Buddhism. Why is this? Because religious man was created by the single, ultimate, final and graceful Hand of God not by the gradual physiological change into human beings from unthinking apes. Matter is brute force and mere brawn without man or woman. Man is always aspiring to a better life, or to be the highest achieving Saint. Darwin would have us believe sainthood is pure fiction and man is only a thinking being or cognitive self conscious matter. He is depressed in his outlook morally and visibly in his facial expression. He has nothing to offer our human race in the 21st Century whatever the truth of his work “The Origin of Species” in terms of animal life alone. He overstated his case when he came to man himself. He lacks a feeling for the persona in man and woman.
Such is the difference between man made in the image of God Himself the Father and subservient animal life crawling on earth. I find it “incroyable” that our God should have permitted his “children” to be the offspring of mere dumb animals. I firmly believe animals have no souls; however it is important they should be protected from cruelty. How possibly could the soul eternal have reached man unless God Almighty intervened? Darwin’s theory, and it is only theory, is not founded on this Catholic moral teaching, so fundamental to Christendom since the time of Christ. He has ignored this evidence of Christ Himself, a crucial piece in the jigsaw indeed the cornerstone.
He may not have believed in Christianity and he certainly does not explain the presence of the eternal soul in each person. Indeed even the Book of Genesis can only do it by analogy or story in imagery. The ultimate secret of the creation of the soul in man is not explicitly revealed in Genesis, but we do get up close as to how it was done in this First Book of the Old Testament. Of one thing I am certain Darwin teaches a soulless theory of evolution which does not stand up to a truly Roman Catholic moralist’s examination. The one soul is worth more than any number of animals. Thus man is beyond price, unlike animal life.

5. Conclusion

Of one thing we can be sure, Catholicism has taught us belief in that soul without death since at least the time of Christ and the Last Supper:

“No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends.”

You cannot demonstrate that love as Christ did without the presence of the eternal soul in Him and you. The eternal drives us to the final sacrifice undaunted as the soul matters more than the body in each one of us. The whole message of Christ’s teaching is the eternal soul dwelling in each one of us. Christ teaches enduring Christian life and eternal happiness as our reward, if desired, in the world to come for mankind. This cannot be reconciled to man being an off-shoot of animal life ages ago. Yes man has become more civilised, I grant you, but he was still the same “religious” man motivated by good and bad even then in the beginnings of civilization. Look at the History of Ancient Greece. The BC years were desolate in certain respects, and of course Christ has saved us alive and dead in BC and AD by his death on the cross in Jerusalem under Pontius Pilate.

6. Postscript

You cannot extract from this slowly civilising and christianising process the concept that man developed from animal life and the animal kingdom. Man was always destined to follow Christ – animals wander aimlessly across the plain incapable of religious observance and devotional practice. That religion has changed the face of creation both pagan and Christian so that it is the dividing line between man and animal life and has been since time immemorial. I argue man has had a soul divine in creation since before written history and legend. Archaeological remains, as in Zimbabwe, pre-date the Ancients of the classical world. I would argue man, driven by the soul, built those African Constructions of which we may only see the remnants now. They are unexplained but only man with the indwelling soul could create them. The same goes for Stonehenge in England.

7. Final Word

Christ came to uphold the Natural Law as well as the old Law both built up by civilised man under the influence of his soul and the knowledge of that influence. Christ and His Mother referred to Abraham and “another son of Abraham” (Ibrahim to Islamists). Yes God is mindful of His mercy as He promised us. We are Abraham’s descendants in ordinem Melchizidek (sacerdotos). We may all rightly claim that descent Holy. Darwin has made a grave error and so have his advocates in my respectful submission for these reasons I have set out.