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The Heart of Mary

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The power of Mary pulsating through 21st Century Roman Catholicism.

1. Centre of the Catholic Church

She is at the core of Christianity and our life whether acknowledged or not. Why? Because not only is she the Mother of Christ, her crusading zeal has inspired the Church: Roman Catholic and thereby we have become the salt of the earth as Christ promised us - yes the world across. She is the life giving icon of Christianity and her role is to empower each one of us through her prayer and sacraments. She rightly desires every soul to enjoy the sacraments to their vocation and her calling is to motion us to the reception of Baptism, Confession, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage and/or Holy orders. She points us in the right direction as they used to say. Mary and the seven sacraments are inextricably linked. She knows of their greatest importance to Mankind. She seeks the conversion of the human race living and dead and it is not beyond her – take note. She believes in the Trinity and has intimate knowledge of all Three Persons. She has the highest possible Heavenly authority for her mission of evangelization and conversion of heart on earth. Once the heart of a man is converted the rest follows: namely observance of Christian practice. It sounds a very tall order indeed fantasy itself. Christ and His Roman Catholic Church did not institute these Sacraments for the historic Roman Catholic eglise alone but for the whole world of mankind to enjoy within the Catholic Church under the Petrine Papacy – Mary believes passionately in this outcome and allied to her beloved and adored Son she believes it will come about and if we have any faith in Christ and His mother we too will always believe it. Christ and His Mother will never accept second best. There would be no point in founding our Catholic Church on the First Pentecost if this universal Church did not become truly universal to welcome Christ back as His mother beckons Him.

2. How Mary Works?

She is present in our hearts and Judaism and Islam are the religions of the heart with Christianity. Conversion of the heart is the key which Mary uses to unlock the door to our hearts. Once that is done the door is opened by Christ and He walks in to our very souls and heals them- where the essence of our lives reside. With Mary and Christ working together the heart and soul is not only turned to Christ and converted that very person yearns for the sacraments which are his right and privilege. Christ will accede and hear the confession by His priest and Mary will sign the penitent converted in heart to that confessional. Mary cannot bear the thought of anyone being denied these sacraments – she is right and we know it as Catholics. So great is her persuasive power based on her prayer for mankind past and present she will stop at nothing eg: her apparitions to St. Bernadette of Lourdes in 1860’s France. Those apparitions were the sign she meant business and would put herself on the line for everyone through Roman Catholicism. It was the apparitions that counted namely her re-entry in to our world because she wanted us to know she was with us in Roman Catholicism as the priestly hierarchy have accepted and taught to Catholics. She did not have a great theological or moral message – that is for the Papacy as Pius XII and Paul VI demonstrated. It was Mary “avec nous” as the French say come what may and there were two World Wars to come in the next century and the Spanish Civil War with the Korean and Vietnam Wars. She was “with all of us” in these terrible sufferings. She made her point to St Bernadette and we would do well to remember her position. She did not appear to St. Bernadette for the sake of it but for the sake of mankind and her Son who will without doubt come again. With Mary we may greet Him but there is Mary’s work to be done and it is being done make no mistake in Heaven and on earth.

3. The Roman Catholic Church

Mary has rightly and naturally chosen primarily to work through Roman Catholicism eg: Fatima & Lourdes & La Salette & Walsingham shrines and Glastonbury Story (Medieval). But she does not narrow her mind and vision. She embraces every man, woman and child and leads the Papacy to do so – eg the great pastors: Pius XI, Pacelli, Roncalli and Montini and Wotylja.

As I have written before the Roman Catholic Church is the spearhead the vanguard of this religious advance and charge. Mary is right up there with the Roman Catholic Church which includes Anglicanism yet not in full communion. Let us not be caught asleep when the Master comes – let us be wise Virgins and have our oil and lamps ready. The Roman Catholic Church must act quickly to bring all Christians into the fold and not lose anytime. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism the oldest religion of all await in the queue. They are beyond my written reach and understanding but they are not out of touch for Mary – she is with them but in the most subtle and tactful and gracious way. Mary was a Jewess and Islam recognises her holiness. There must be a greater sense of urgency in Catholicism. Prioritising is crucial and the number one is transformation of the individual’s heart, then comes the charity of the priesthood to the newly won faithful in the sacraments and from that will flow all the other virtues – and virtuous outcomes.


I say believe in Christ and believe in Mary and go with her all the way. She will show everyone “la voie sacre” and that is her Son’s Way to His Father. There is only one road and it is the one constructed by Mary and her Son who have trod the same earth we now tread. I devoutly believe with Mary, she will convert the peoples of this earth to the sacramental life of Roman Catholicism the one True Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. I challenge anyone who opposes my stand in England to come forward and take me on in open debate in London where I reside. Mary will not have her aims buried and defeated. She will have me at her side as we ride into battle and she is a good fighter have no fear.