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The Most Controversial Subject of All: The Death Sentence For Murder

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


Why is this debate so controversial? Because the sentencing Judge under a discretionary Death Sentence regime for murder will not be God, but the great arm of justice enforcing the law so vital to our protection and liberty as citizens in our beloved England & Wales.

1. Start

I asked an educated woman recently what she thought of my pro-Death Penalty case. She replied that was a very controversial case of mine and she would need time to think about it before giving me a definite answer. Such is the fearsome aura surrounding my pro-Death Sentence case people shy away from it. This woman was prepared to address my argument, but she thought it was not the most pressing issue in our Country today. I beg to differ.

2. The Topical Scene

Yes I submit this Death Sentence polemic for murder is top of the agenda today, contrary to the view of this intelligent professional woman. Why? Because the Death Sentence case of mine, like it or not, is becoming the apogee and zenith of the reign of our law deliverers in the Courts and Parliament. It may not have attained these heights yet, but this polemic of mine is rapidly assailing these summits. Why do I say this? On account of our justice being seriously hampered so long as it does not have this Ultimate Penalty in its armoury.

Thus at home and widely abroad the cry has gone out: Restore and reinforce the Death Sentence for murder: First of all in England I say restore the Death Penalty, then by strengthening the Capital Crimes Trial cases in the USA and truncating those resulting Appeals in murder cases in our brother jurisdiction of the West answer this plea.

There is a grave danger England & Wales and the United States will be left on the sidelines diplomatically and militarily if Capital Punishment is not revived in England and restored to full health in the USA in all her States who still have it. The Death Sentence for murder is the engine of these two Countries in those two respects: military and diplomatic. To deny this analysis is to completely ignore its gravamen and seriousness for these Standard Bearer Countries for liberty of thought, speech and the written word worldwide. Yes it does take time to understand this subject of all subjects in all its deep gravity. My conversation I alluded to at Paragraph 1. was indeed instructive for myself: All other domestic matters pale into insignificance in my view compared to my case for Capital Punishment for murders.

International Relations, military deployments and engagements are what really matter to the people of our world, and we will not solve problems like the 2015 refugee crisis centring on the Mediterranean without resorting to great diplomacy and significant deployments militarily: American and English & Welsh. The confidence for this foreign policy has to derive from the moral high ground occupied by the English and Americans in their Death Sentence for murder justice. Note: This is not a policy itself, but a judicially governed criminal justice process. This is not symbolic either, but a matter of strength of purpose built on firm and fair lawful executions as Capital Punishment for tried and convicted murderers in these two countries of the West who are pivotal to world peace and good order. There is no sign of any other Western nation bringing back the Final Penalty for murder.

3. The Old Adage

We must not put an innocent man or woman to death is the jibe. What is my response? We have a record for that brutality in the 16th and 17th Centuries. I mean the English & Welsh Forty Martyrs now canonised by Blessed Pope Paul VI on 25 October 1970. Our modern Judges will generate far greater confidence and reliability in our murder trials I have no doubt if we have the Death Penalty restored to give these trials true majesty, concentration and solemnity: our criminal law, evidential rules and procedure are just: our Juries are sensible and intelligent; Counsel for the Crown are assiduous and the police painstaking. It has to be left to them all and defence Counsel.

We cannot have members of the public, well intentioned or not, from outside this Court Room telling these Judges and Juries what to do. Effectively this meddling is happening as this adage is applied time and again to prevent and make more difficult the return of the Death Sentence in England & Wales for murder. If this Death Sentence is permitted to return the public outside the Court Room will have to leave it to the Judges, the Juries, the Advocates and the police to participate in and conduct these trials for murder as they always have. By the same argument the public must not interfere now and stop the return of the Death Sentence. They should stop repeating mindlessly this old and meaningless adage and let the process unroll to restore the Death Penalty unhindered, if the powers that be so decide. Of course many members of the public support Restoration of the Death Sentence for murder as things stand. They, with all the people, may speak truly.

4. The Judges, The People And Parliament

The Judges: they may only act by procedure, precedent and good authority with binding principle. Parliament is not driven to restore the Death Sentence as things stand. The monarchy is silent. The people are not consulted. Currently we have a logjam. The Judges are not permitted to utter nor the Senior Counsel on Capital Punishment. Parliament is not motivated to consult the people on this very seminal, important and most controversial judicial power to sentence to death, which I say should be discretionary for murder crimes and offences proximate to murder.

The only overt debate springs from my pen in hardcopy, e-mail, website and Kindle. Thus the case is heard, but no progress is being made to either restore the Death Penalty for murder or close down finally my output that has been going on continuously since 1 June 2013, (2 years 3 months). This state of affairs is attritional.

5. Conclusion

Somewhere, somehow, something must crack. You cannot bury an argument like my pro-Death Sentence argument for murder. I say “once more unto the breach dear friends” or we will “close up the wall with our English dead”. Make no mistake! But in Henry V Shakespeare wrote it and that is imagery not reality. As I have written before, this argument is having its last airing in our Land and it will go quiet in 2025 if I have not prevailed in debate by that time. My intention is to “finish the job” before 2025. In any event “the guns” will finally fall silent in 2025 as they did at 11.00 a.m. on the 11 November 1918.

I will treat everyone politely but with assurance. I will not prolong matters needlessly. My aim and direction is known. I am confident in my own technique. I don’t lack supporters. I have correct tactical nouse. It will take a lot to silence me now or later against my will. I believe sincerely in my cause above all.