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The Soul's Journey to Eternal Joy

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  • Author: Richard Michael Lamb


The essence of a life in harness coupled to our fellow men and alongside to life’s end. The same can be said of women in cadre.


We are each grains of sand on the sea shore compared to Christ Himself. Yet each person represents his or her own unique charism or character as we call it. Thus where is the secret of the particular soul?

2. In the Image of God

We are made in His image and He brings out our particular essence. We are not cloned despite the pressure to conform to standard opinions and views in our 21st Century Western culture as we know it in England. Our children are now educated in the same mould under the vigilant eye of the Regulatory regime which enforces politically correct and religiously neuter uniformity. Indeed our Society shuns the zealots and extreme believers as non u, the mentally unbalanced medicated by psychiatrists, the sexual offenders considered psychiatrically ill for their perversions and others guilty of shameful crimes as well as those who fall from grace (e.g. the despised politicians and financiers). The media ranges and rages supreme as the arbiter of what is right and wrong and is not susceptible to criticism.

Our leaders: political, religious, legal, judicial and law enforcers lack a little confidence and come across as muffled in voice. Moral backbone is missing. No one dare put a step wrong. Where does the individual soul lie in this nebulous paleness?

3. Character of men and the spearhead’s characteristics.

We group persons together e.g.: The cadre of masculine celibate Priests then and now and the Wartime German Generals and Officers (1944-45) losing that War - Yet those Officers drawn from all over Germania. These cadres go back to the olden days – i.e. the Roman Soldiers (the concept of being shoulder to shoulder under a Centurion i.e. a cohort). The Prussian Military ‘cadre’ goes back to the 18th Century, the Teutonic Knights and Frederick the Great of Prussia where their selfless, pure and austere imbibing of military discipline, tactics and strategy was practised for its own sake and greatly admired in Western Europe, Poland and Russia in the Napoleonic period before and later. I also isolate the Forty Catholic Martyrs of England and Wales (canonised on 25/10/1970 by Paul VI) as a cadre of supernatural strength and vigour. A true Cadre has to lead the way in life and death and their appeal does not stay the same. The Roman Centurions and legionaries and the Prussian Military cadre and class have a lot in common - and dare I say it – they have both been fused in to modern Roman Catholicism. German Catholicism is strong (Ratzinger Benedict XVI) and Roman Catholics are vibrant the world over. The best hope for World Comity and Unity lies in the Papacy and our Roman Catholic Priesthood breathing real hope into our World. We may trace this vibrancy back to the Prussian Officer class in some small degree – to a greater extent to the Roman legions: (Maximus Severus). No one is immortal but we owe a lot to the three cadres for their example and leadership. So we have the character of the cadre or spearhead and still the individual journey of the soul as Saint John XXIIl put it in his life story.

4. The grain of sand on the sea shore

No one should elevate himself or another above Christ: e.g. St Peter, St Paul, St John the Baptist, Damien of the Lepers, St John Fisher and St Thomas More even Mary herself seemingly not only unique but irreplaceable. That is true without a shadow of doubt. The paradox is they and only they could perform those roles by the help of God. But yes they were grains of sand like us. Mary was the lowly handmaid. Do not downgrade yourself as happens in Modern England – rather appreciate the depths and heights of this contradiction and climb to the summit of your metier and life’s calling chastened by the concession we are one of the innumerable stars in the Heavenly Firmament – never to be located and named.


The Spearhead or Cadre and the vocal call:-

Each one an individual and if we are honest we ourselves must submit to the order and the regime of a particular cadre. That is life. I do argue that only that person as called by God may answer God’s clarion call.

Sometimes Christ instructs one person to call another yet no freedom is lost by the person called. I am the one sounding the hunting horn, yes, but in the name of Christ. The call goes to those who hear the horn, if I do blow this horn. I stake my life on it. They may decline but they know I am bound to call them. They would do well to heed the blast of this horn without more ado.