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  • 110. To Know The Character of Christ, The Father and The Holy Spirit

To Know The Character of Christ, The Father and The Holy Spirit

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An examination of the character of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity to exemplify the impact of the Trinity in our lives.

1. First Thoughts

To believe in Christ and not know his personality and character is a contradiction in terms. Christ makes Himself known to us – He is not a mere force for good. Through the Son we know the Father as the New Testament tells us. The Father like the Son loves us and conveys His character to us. Both the Father and the Son are persons, the First and Second persons of the Trinity. They both send forth the Holy Spirit: the Third Person of that Trinity. Yet the three are one.

2. The nature of the First and Second persons

The Father loves the world so that He sent his Son into the world to suffer unto death upon the Cross. What sacrificial love by the Father for us to imitate. The Son is His beloved – let us listen to His voice. He speaks the truth in the New Testament. The Father’s character is to fashion us in His image and His Son’s. He truly gives us something of Himself. The Son is begotten of the Father not made. All that we know of the Father derives from the Son. The Son is firm yet forgiving – honest but subtle and faithful to His Father to death. The Son’s life on earth was vulnerable – one suspects the Almighty Father is also capable of being “wounded” he has invested so much in this seen world of ours. The Father may weep with the Mother of His Son in the Pieta, which recurs in one shape or form down the ages, since the Crucifixion. The Father weeps with us His children in our agony and the Son presides at His right hand. The Son also wept over Lazarus- he will have wept again for His friends since. Both the Father and the Son have real feelings and transmit their emotions to us. Anger is often regarded with disdain – like it or not the Father and Son may be driven through controlled anger to proclaim the truth through us mortals. The Father and Son will never injure or harm us – everything they proclaim will be for our benefit, satisfaction and joy. Ultimately the time comes for each soul to leave this seen world – the Father and Son will always minister that soul whenever that hour looms. From our earliest intelligible moments we will be infused with the inspiration of the First and Second persons of the Trinity. The essence of Father and Son is gentle and coaxing: helping us along the journey of life. They do not leave us rudderless. We have our path in life imparted to us by the Father and Son and we decide whether or not to follow that road. You will not hear voices or see apparitions but the unmistakable voice of the Father and Son speaking in unison will be crystal clear within your heart and soul nevertheless.

3. The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity but sent by the Father and Son and part of the One Trinity. This Holy Spirit enacts the inner voice of Father and Son in our Soul and Heart. Thus the Holy Spirit underlines the message of the Father and Son for us and makes it impossible to resist if we are in tune with this Third person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit engages our attention and concentration proceeding directly from Father and Son. Without the Third Person the message of Father and Son would lack urgency and immediacy. The Father is the seat of Final Judgement – the Son mediates between us and His Father and the Holy Spirit is our advocate before the Father. They all three come together in the death of a man and his standing before the Father to be judged.

4. The lives of the Saints

The lives of the Saints demonstrate the workings of this Trinity: three in one. They suffer in their human lives but the Joy of Christ marks them out. The Father is their constant companion. We none of us may be sure of salvation until the Last Moment before the Father. Even these Saints humbled themselves to accept this uncertainty. The Son teaches us to respect His Father and accept the example of the Holy Spirit. The Son is the Great Teacher known through the Gospels to us His people. The Saints show us Christ’s way, truth and life. Christ is the only way to the Father. To combat adversity is the essence of Christianity – Per Ardua – this struggle appears in the lives of Christ, His Mother and all the Saints.

5. Conclusion

We learn about Christ through these lives of Saints and by Christ we perceive God the Father Himself, if dimly. We may not expect clear cut and current images of the three persons of the Trinity on earth – we are not in the unseen world. Statues and physical images (Crucifix) help us a little. The Father and Son impart their message to us. The Holy Spirit delivers the incomparable and incontestable truth in our lives born of the Father and Son. We will not get second chances – we either follow Christ or wither on the vine. This is the excitement of Christianity – Christ is never mouse like and boring. Let us be pruned and bear more fruit. We will be known by our fruits.